Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wow- I'm a calendar girl

I'm a bit kerfuffled because late at night, with the Rooster crowing beside me I deleted what I thought was the 'initial post' that replaced the final one.  Guess what???  It was the original.  What a way to start my new calendar year! 


I have been working on some backgrounds.  But I will re post about all that later.

Today I am showing my new Calendar Journal. 

                                                            This is the front page.

I had an early morning mission in the Grand Kiddies home town yesterday and after that was done we did the main street stroll.  I got a few things for the journal at the Scrapbook store,  particularly themed for a great beginning.  lol  I went in for some letters and numbers!  8^0  I need to remind myself that this is MY journal so I don't want the scrap booking ephemera to take over. I want more of a mixed media art journal look.

The manila folder was gessoed and some of the layers are on.  I want more layering.  The floral paper on the right is some wrapping paper I have saved for a long time and I'm wondering about incorporating it on the binder cover and throughout the pages.  I wonder how to attach it to the vinyl surface and then protect it. 

The back of the introductory page is the first page, June 6th and I made a pocket.  I need to add more to this page and glue the pocket.  I don't know if it is clear enough but I got the weekday stamps because the designer is Elle's Studio and I can use that for sure in my pages! 

One week will be a two page spread and the rest of the week, 7,8, and 9 will be on the right page.

This is actually a pretty action packed week, what with weeding and getting the place spiffed up for DD#1's visit from Alberta.  

I did stroll through the thrift shop and I feel so much better now that I've discovered that there are lots of people who buy craft supplies, barely use them and recycle.  I hardly look at housewares now!

Three books on lettering and creative doodling!  And a couple of nice rolling stencils that I figure I can stick a pencil through to roll.

 I had made made similar quilts for Josh and Eliana.  Josh has cows and flowers and Eliana had the hearts and flowers.  Their room was aqua.  Now the new baby will be a girl and they will have a yellow and pink room. I strolled through the fabric store and we all felt this fabric with bugs and butterflies will work.  Funny, as Eliana is the bug girl. LOOK!  Inchy Spider!!!   and she is right down close.  lol  It is all good!

Then I knew we shouldn't go into Ten Thousand Villages.  Well, it is my birthday month!!!  The necklace was half price and I now know the price of beads!  Beside, it'll be a good prototype for our next beading day.  ;-)

I will save the photo of the 26 cement pavers for the new front walk which was the inital reason for the trip.  lol

So the deep cleaning is continuing here in the studio and I have piles to sort through all around the keyboard and thank goodness for saving drafts automatically as something must have slid onto the keyboard as we had a quick shut down in the middle. yikes!  I made myself some coffee and closed my eyes while the screen reloaded!

I'm linking to my Canadian blog friends and I'm awaiting my girl, Jenn so I can show her my new stuff and we can begin a magazine journal for her.  It should be PLAY from here on in!

Happy Day!


HollyM said...

You just don't stop! I like those doodling and lettering books. Lots of ideas.
I have a bracelet that looks like that one.
The fabric is bright and celery and will be fun to make!

Glenda in Florida said...

I wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy birthday! I stop by fairly often, but don't usually say hello--sorry about that.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

oh Happy Birthday!!!! you are into some very interesting projects!!

Createology said...

Oh yeah...Calendar Girl is going through my head now! I love your new calendar journal. It is all about YOU my dear. You did have a good shopping day. New supplies all in the name of creativity is a very good thing. Super cute new fabric for the new baby girl. Happy Birthday Elle Dear...celebrate every day.

Jeanette said...

You always have the most unique projects on the go. Love them all!

Sheila said...

As always an interesting post and love what you are doing for your journal . Happy Birthday to you !!

Susan J Barker said...

I love the idea of doing a journal like the one you describe. I am about due for another one -- I just get a dollar store empty hard cover book and fill it with all sorts of things until it fills up, never seem to end a book at the end of a actual year tho. And yes, the thrift stores are my main source of craft supplies! I never feel guilty about spending too much, there.

Mrs.Pickles said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you have a lot on the go lots of wonderful stuff!!!

PrairiePeasant said...

Thrift shops are great places to find supplies! I'd like to take a rural (MB) thrift shop tour some day--sometimes you find the best things in small towns! Where do you recommend?

Margaret Applin said...

Happy Birthday my Gemini twin!!! I am totally loving your new calendar journal cover!!! I'm glad you finally got to town! :)

Mary Ann Tate said...

You are always so busy...happy birthday too:)

Cheryl Coville said...

Elle, I blame you for getting me interested in those backgrounds!! I made some this week, too. Lots of fun! (Thanks!)

Regina said...

Seems all the best people were born in June ;-). I'd like to have your thrift stores....