Friday, July 27, 2012

A beginning and an end

I bought a sketchbook with 70 white pages.  On reading the fine print I see it is for pen and pencil.  I don't care.  I luv the clean white 2 page spread and splashed, smeared and scraped.  I also duct taped the spine which split.  ???  I don't care.  It is already messy and the duct tape is cool!

My supplies for my workshop with Joanne Sharpe arrived and the box was huge.  :)

It was mostly the paper stuffing around things.  lol  I am no comparison shopper nor am I very experienced in buying art supplies.  (see above sketchbook )  So I just copied recommendations off the supply list and pressed send.  I did see the gesso was on sale and I had already bought some for much more so I thought since I was in for a penny, I might as well be in for a pound.  I think that saying has British roots!

I am ready to begin!

But  they won't ship animal bristle brushes across the border so when I did an errand in the city I used 2 coupons at Michaels.  That has to end!  oye!

I am so very excited about my set up for doing some mixed media journaling every day.  I like it.  There is no end in sight and they are so easy to begin and end in a short amount of time.  No plan. Just fun.

While MQing the veranda quilt I realized how much I like doing it but my set up is not great.  I need an L shaped work space.  I spent a goodly amount of time tossing and turning over ideas the other night and I'd have leaped up to go get a tape measure except for the fact that I knew the Rooster would have thumped me good.  He was assuming the heat was making me restless.  HA!

Last time I did the room I figured it was as good as it gets.  So I really needed that 'what if...'  to happen.  It has so I have forewarned the Rooster I need some help tonight. I only have Friday night because he'll have me back and focused on the walk and fence for Saturday.  Friday's are date nights, right!  I shall remind him of the times I helped stack square hay bales when we were first dating!    But I almost killed myself hefting that 6 foot counter last time and we need to take down that cupboard that we shortened and brought back from storage from the last time I reorganized. The good news is that each time I part with more stuff I feel I can't live without. Meanwhile, the Rooster'll be sitting on the stool pulling daisy petals while I think!  I love her, I love her not, I  LOVE  her!  (I shall arrange for an odd arrangement of petals)

He is sceptical I can do it but while I'm not so hot on a tape measure, I do think I have a viable plan with some built in fiddle room. ;^)

So I hope to end the changes for my playroom/studio with this super creative plan. (again)

I am beginning a whole new exciting season of creativity.


Createology said...

Elle Dear I feel the excitement in your post! Those supplies are awesome. Love your journal spread already. Throw out the rules and just enjoy the process. I love your "What Ifs". A new configuration to your space is exciting. I shall look forward to the photos. I had to laugh at your "date night" forays. Sounds like me and Mr. C from the beginning...except paper not hay bales.

Leanne said...

You are so full of energy, it jumps right out of the computer! Also you have the best guy. I am pretty sure he loves you a lot!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

So, what kind of critters do you think might be transported across International borders on a camel hairbrush? That is too funny! I am coveting the Koi watercolor travel kit! I want one so bad but I already have enough watercolor paint and acrylic, and WC pencils and WC crayons...but it's O.K., I still want a Koi set! You are such a doer...I think I'd like to rearrange my room, too, instead....I think I'll watch you!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Look at all that neat stuff......I'm so jealous:) So you are changing your room around please and thank you when it's all done.

Margaret Applin said...

You go girl!!! Have fun with Joanne. I met her in person down in NJ which is always cool!!!