Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Intentional Blogging 3 Voice

I hate to admit it but I'm loud.  I didn't start out loud, although my Dad was loud and so was my sister.  My nature is more introverted so how can loud be happening!

I think it is the Rooster's fault.  He is certifiably deaf.  He has hearing aids.  Sheesh, just to make myself heard I had to get loud.  Mind you, even he tells me not to shout!  This happens a lot on the phone.  My dfil liked to talk to me on the phone as he could hear me.  Now we suspected that he couldn't hear either. vbsigh
I answered the phone from a friend I hadn't heard from and I started yapping away and she broke in (loudly) to tell me not to shout.  It kinda stumbled me for the whole day that the Rooster might be right about some things!

So I totally got it that capital letters on the computer meant SHOUTING.  I don't want to shout. I want to speak with a quiet voice.  Here's hoping!

This lesson is all about voice.  A blog should have a recognizable voice and be unique to the blog writer.

So I need to need describe myself in 3 adjectives and I don't want to use loud.
~ excitable, enthusiastic, and encouraging

Is this how I talk?  I think so. I'm pretty optimistic.
Hmm, I'm also told to slow down, speech wise, I think.

Who would I be talking to?
Hopefully someone who is easily motivated and just needs some encouraging that a project is doable and fun.  It should be about fun!  Interested.  A little back and forth with questions, suggestions and praise reports makes for great conversations.

5 things I read and why:

only 5?  I start out my day with inspirational writings. That could be 5 in itself but I need to start out from a right perspective and with some motivation to do/live/be better.   For sheer pleasure I like young people's fantasy for good overcoming evil and the hero squeezing the heroine's hand!  I was so excited, maybe loud, in my discovery of The Chronicles of Narnia.  I like biographies.  For blogs I prefer to learn things so I'm prone to blogs that share process.  I'm rather eclectic in my likes so my blog list tends to be heavy on mixed media but I will include a variety of interesting, informative, enlightening, inspiring blogs.  I'm all about upbeat, happy, and probably lean to the more conservative/traditional without being too stuffy.

I don't watch tv but do enjoy a good movie.  Usually the house is quiet, but if I want music I like LOUD. :(

Now we are supposed to ask others; what's my voice? and what do I sound like.

Writing should never be a chore, a job.  I do enjoy writing my blog.  I hope it sounds like me!


Createology said...

You and I could be twins my dear! I have been shushed all my life and I am just loud! Even when I try not to be I am still loud. This blogging lesson is teaching me as well. Thank you for sharing the learning and the doing. I love my music LOUD!!! Terrific Tuesday...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I admit, my dear, if I had to describe you, it would NOT be loud. Never thought of you as loud. Enthusiastic, ambitious, adventurous, but never LOUD. Guess that's the difference between blogging and talking on the phone or in person.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Yes I get you perfectly from your blog:) Enthusiastic, adventurous, optimistic, a great sense of humour, friendly,....that's why I enjoy reading your blog.

Did you know that they have the Chronicles of Narnia in audiobook form...all nine books? I managed to get a set on sale a while back and I listen to them often when I sew.

HollyM said...

I don't know if your blog represents the real you or not. I do find you're enthusiast and upbeat, a bit scattered sometimes and definitely with a sense of humor. Don't forget that!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I think you very much write in you "voice" but not the loud one! You write in your funny, enthusiastic and inquisitive very own voice. I think we all comb our hair and put our lipstick on when we write these blogs, in other words we put our best foot forward. But, it is difficult to fake sincerity and you, my dear, come off as being YOU! (yes, I'm shouting)

Margaret Applin said...

Elle, you are just one cool chic!!!!!!!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

i too, did not realize that caps meant shouting! But regardless, Elle, your blog is delightful, (you too!) and it's hard to imagine you being anything but adventuresome, witty, and optimistic. Love starting day out with devotion and time with God, being thankful. Love Chronicles of Narnia! I'm with you Sister ~ bring the music on ~ loud and fun, and SING along! XO and much love~

Sheila said...

I am not sure if you are loud but I do think you are highly intelligent with a great deal to offer to the arts world ,I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and how you write it , always interesting and informative and just a great read.

Leanne said...

I love your internet voice, it is fun and interesting, creative and inspiring but never bossy or too loud. On that, maybe a hearing test, you have been cutting a lot of grass you know.