Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Think cool!

It's a hot one here. 34 degrees Celsius yesterday!  And my second story studio is even hotter.  But you can't keep a wanna be artist down!
So I am switching from the warm colour palette for my calendar pages to a cooler colour run.

But first:

Sherry and I can't quite remember how we connected but we have been visiting for some time.  She blogs over at Createology.  She is very talented and has helped me with my beading endeavours. But she surprised me with this lovely hand made journal for my birthday.

It is almost too lovely to use and contains various papers.  But I know she means for me to journal in it and I have been wondering what especially I should use it for.  I have decided that I will write about my blogging journey and include some special people and happenings in it.  Thank you, Miss Createology! 

This is a good start on a background.  I luv my new triangle stencil.

I should have quit before I did the last bit on the right hand side, a perfect pearls technique.  The upper left is embossing.   But I'll fine tune the pages when I actually do that week's pages.  This is all just the background and the next layer will begin to pull it all together.

This page is more finished and has a better cohesiveness to it.

Cool, huh?


Createology said...

Ellie Dear you are most welcome. Your backgrounds are wonderful. Of course I am really loving the cool greens and blues. I do hope you are able to stay cooler in this Summer heat. Your upstairs studio in summer and my downstairs studio in winter...Yikes! I'll share my cold if you will share your heat. Together we will craft our year into sublime happiness...

Mary Ann Tate said...

Lovely little journal. Very sweet. It's very hot here too. We are supposed to get rain today. Hopefully we do:)

SandeeNC said...

Gosh, I don't know how you craft in the heat, I have air conditioning on and still run a small fan to blow cool air on me! Your friend sent you a lovely journal for your birthday! waving from the hills of North Carolina :)

HollyM said...

What a nice gift and I love your first 2 spreads. We are hot and humid today here too. There may be thunder showers later. I'm going to try to sew a bit with a fan in the doorway.

Sheila said...

Lovely gift and your journal is looking great , good for you crafting in the heat!

Margaret Applin said...

Loving those complimentary colors!!!!