Monday, July 30, 2012

Half way there

Neither excruciating heat, nor thunderstorm, nor company can keep us from our appointed task!  lol
Sore muscles?  Well, we do have to sleep sometime.    The grand kiddies arrived in time to help throw down the last of the sand before the thunderstorm hit.  Then one tripped up the new step that completes the walk through the flowerbed.  I'm very happy with things so far.  

That fierce prairie wind played havoc with the string that was the guide for the walks edge.  It also took 3 shingles off the newly repaired barn. :(   But only one branch off the tree.  :)

The Rooster is a rough or at best framer type carpenter who has cabinet maker tendencies.  oye!  I'd have just slapped something up the edge of the bookcases to hold back fabric but he spent the morning disassembling the old IKEA media cabinet, which had past its prime, and making it into two nice boxes to hold my fabric.  They are lovely, but really, 1/16th of an inch and the galloping horse test.  Good enough already!  lol  I need to buy 2 more of those wonderful rolling plastic shelving units and figure my options for my work counter wall.  We cut the counter to fit but I'm not unhappy because the longer surface still only yielded the minimum 2 square feet of work space that remained uncluttered.  sheesh

The Rooster is thinking saw horse legs with a nice melamine top for behind Nina.  I gained space because I can have storage space on my right as well as a larger flat surface to the left and behind.  I'm thrilled with this area.

I'd like the computer to move to the hallway and my idea for threading an extension cord over, around, and through is meeting with a frown so an electrician may be on the to-do list which means I can also have a designated plug for the iron.  The two main work areas will work well. I need to decide if I want a sit down area at the end of the worktable or not.  Surprisingly the room feels less cramped that before.  This probably because my walkways are wider.

These are carefully posed pictures to eliminate the stacks of stuff that need to be pruned and set in place. :O

My Creativity 101 student is with me again today so we are back into the barn for another round of cleaning.

Some things are on the short half of done and some are on the longer half with lots to go. Goodness, it is already almost lunch time.  The day is almost done, tomorrow has a full list, What's on the Work table Wednesday needs thinking about, the week is half gone and nothing is yet done.  ;^)  That's what my Dad used to say.  But I think I'll have my second cup of coffee before I lace up my running shoes!


HollyM said...

Well you are getting lots done. It may seem like less as you're doing different things. It will be lovely when done.

Mrs.Pickles said...

looking good! I think you are getting much more done than you think :)

Createology said...

Elle your space is very well defined. I like how you (and the Rooster) have rearranged the workability angle. Your sewing area is much better with more table room to hold your quilts you make. I hope you and Jenn made some great progress in the barn studio too. Happy Summer Sunshine Smiles to you dear...