Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Intentional Blogging 10 Guest Blogging

Why Guest Post?

Here are three reasons:

1. Guest posting builds relationships with other bloggers.
2. Guest posting is great for search engines.
3. Guest posting introduces you to new communities.

There is a right way and a right time to ask.  Be in relationship with the one you invite and it should be mutually beneficial.   Jeff's post today is Doesn't hurt to ask.

I must admit that this series is indeed very  intentional and perhaps more intentional than myself and perhaps some others want for their blog.  I have learned a thing or three so I'm happy for that.  There are 2 more lessons left and I intend to finish and not have 'another' ufo in my life.  LOL    But I want to make known that I primarily want my blog to be a small b blog.  Worthwhile would be nice as well though. Who wants to waste their time???   My blog foremost has value to me. Heck, sometimes I think I may be guest posting on my own blog because I find I am doing things I didn't know I could do.   But to ask someone to guest post at this point seems like I'm asking someone else to write in my diary!   I am just getting comfortable with adding links!  ;^)  I am learning never to say never but  if you are following along on these weekly lessons please just take what is pertinent  (valuable) for you and your blog and the rest can just pass right on by down the line to someone who needs to really know about guest blogging, increasing stats and general growth and development!  

But thanks for hanging in with me.


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Some food for thought! I guess it is all about the end game....if you are selling and it is for your business, it is different set of goals. I'm just a girl who wants to have fun and thankfully, I don't use my blog to make a living....I'd likely be very hungry right now!!!

Mary Ann Tate said...

I think guest posting is great if you have a skill that you want to share maybe with a larger audience or as D&D mentioned...for business reasons. Really that feature post on TNTN was sort of a guest post in a sense....kinda.

Margaret Applin said...

I love your thoughts!!!! I believe that guest posting can be a good thing. I've seen a few I follow do that and I think it is great. I do agree with the diary hesitation, though.

Createology said...

Well said my dear. I am blogging for personal enjoyment at this point in time. You always post something that I enjoy or learn from or relate to and that is just right for me. Blissful Blogging Miss Elle...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm playing catch-up tonight. I still blog because it is much easier than writing a journal. But I've interviewed people in the past and it was fun. Of course, I wrote out all the questions, they provided the answers, and I added the post, usually when I was too busy to create art. It can be a great filler, but is time consuming, too. In fact, I should interview YOU! (You, Elle, with the small b BLOG)