Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday was a blur

The grand kiddies arrived early but I'd gotten the jump on them by starting even earlier to finish the fall refreshing of the house.  More stuff sifted, sorted and edited out on Tuesday and I was ready for the no-breeze calm in the morning to set the match to all that paper stuff.  Wish I could say I was done.  :(
Josh likes to vacuum and Elaina tells me she is scared. And so she took to high ground as Josh used the little one and I the big one.  Talk about making dust!  lol

The reward was a nap for Eliana and play time for Josh.

Both kids like to have visits with Jenn.  Actually I hope his spontaneity will loosen my gal up a bit.

Now the good news is that Josh works very well by himself.  The bad news is that some how he fried my heat tool.  I know the kids like to use a lot of water but still.  Oh, well!  I need another Michael's coupon.

After they all left I had to finish up the cleaning as I had a big supper occasion. Hopefully the changed decor took their mind off my cooking!  lol

Now back to my fall cleaning.  Things are still blurry but that is because it is raining.


Mary Ann Tate said...

We got buckets of rain. Supposedly the end of the last hurricane.It's still too hot during the day but the evenings are wonderful:) I'm in a turfing out mood. I discovered I had four many crockpots does a person need? I have "inherited" them over the years. I have managed to give two away:)

Createology said...

Busy day indeed my dear. Help from the "Littles" isn't always the best but at least they are learning with their Grandma. Our clouds merely spit about 20 rain drops and then quit. I would love a good soaking rain even though Mr. C is still washing windows. Blessings to you my friend...

HollyM said...

No wonder things were blurry! If I'd fit all that into a day, I'd be down for the count!