Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Intentional Blogging 11: Interviewing Experts

It all boils down to relationships.  Interviews are about asking permission to share the the things that influence the artist and the art.  They can start with a tentative invite and develop into an exciting relationship.  We all influence one another in various and subtle ways.  It never hurts to ask.

Jeff maintains, " If you consistently and quietly show up in a person’s life, you will win a friend."
"Over time, some relationships with influencers will go from interviewee to friend to advocate. And that third level of relationship is a beautiful thing."

  • Interviews are a foot in the door. Like flashing a “press badge,” when you tell someone (or their assistant) that you have a blog and want to interview them, you’re much more likely to get some of their time.
  • Interviews build relationships. The point of doing an interview really isn’t about the content. It’s about building a relationship with the influencer.
  • Interviews legitimize your influence. If you can land an interview with Stephen King or Julia Roberts, you’ve made it. You’re legit. And people recognize that. 

"Now, please don’t take that and misapply it. You need to pay your dues. You need to do the interviews and share the content. This is how the relationship is built."

"The payoff for you is a relationship between you and the interviewee. Not everyone will reciprocate, but if you do this often, I’ve found, you do make some new relationships."

This sounds very much to me like introducing acquaintances at a social event to one another.  Some are casual acquaintances and some are dear friends but in giving opportunity for one to meet another,  new friendships develop and the circle of influence increases.


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Wow! That is interesting. I takes a lot of skill to succesfully interview someone and another skill set to interpret in a coherent manner. I can't imagine the grief it could cause the blogger who misinterprets what was said in an interview. I hope he is, also, offering tips and mini-classes on "how to interview". This is coming from 25 years in the newspaper business....people HATE it when they are misinterpreted. But, you can call and interview me....anytime! LOL

Seth said...

What a fascinating post. There really is a lot of food for thought here and, as you mention in your newer post, interesting timing for me given my own recent interviews.