Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Intentional Blogging 9 Networking

There is a certain security in the anonymity that blogging offers.

But for blogging to be successful and fulfilling there needs to be some further risk.

That involves developing relationships .

That means reaching out and forming real human interactions.

It means connecting with people.
You need to start networking.

Here's how to begin:
  • Quit hiding behind your work (blog). Schedule some time in your day, week, or month for socializing. This is an investment.
  • Use social media as the means to an end, not the end itself. Reach out to people on Twitter and Facebook and ask to meet them in person.
  • Take a stranger out to lunch or coffee... and pick up the bill.
  • Sign up for meetups, mixers, and conferences.
  • Start doing favors for people without expecting anything in return.
Whether one blogs with a big B or a small b, it is important to make real connections with real people. 


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've met several friends from my town and nearby towns through my blog, but I don't do social media. I simply refuse to join all those time sucking sites. Blogging takes up enough of my time. BTW, I have a play day on Friday with a friend I met on the internet. I didn't have to join facebook or twitter to do it, either. Just good old Blogger!

Although I love everything this guy has said so far, this time I take exception to his ideas. He advocates getting away from your blog, then wants you to spend even MORE time behind your computer on social media sites. I can't understand the logic or reasoning. However, thanks for sharing this latest bit of "wisdom."

HollyM said...

I initially started fb so I could follow my daughter in Korea, but I've found that it really helps me keep in contact with my local friends, I'm using it more and more in place of my email. I don't use the chat but do banter back and forth with a few friends.
It only Takes a few minutes a day.When I post to my blog I can also post to fb at the same time.
There was a bit of a learning curve done here and there, but now I would say I'm in closer contact with friends than I was before. I was just out for a hike and lunch with friends all planned through fb.
This week while watching news at dinner time I got an App for taking and posting pictures with my I pad to fb. It takes less than a minute.

Createology said...

I am such a "People Person" that I definitely still require and enjoy the personal interaction of talking, laughing and being with people. I also really enjoy and like blogging and have formed wonderful friendships online. Blissful Blogging Elle...

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Great post. Great advice. Amen! It IS all about relationship. (emphasis on relationship!)