Monday, March 25, 2013

A Three M Monday morning


It is the last week of March.  All my deadlines are due!  I'm trying to multitask and still keep Nina and all my sewing projects safe!  I forgot about all the dust that filtered its way upstairs.  It woulda been a good idea to close some doors, elle! :(


I got the go ahead on Friday to start vacuuming up the mess.  I cleaned all day Saturday and sent the Rooster off to pick up the new rooster for the coop after he got me a dust mop for walls as I'd thrown my mum's old wall mop out last year.  (story of my life)  The final sealer is today.


I started my on-line class and was up before the rooster to work on my pages.  I need to multitask in a major way.  Art pages, quilting marathon, classes,  laundry,  book review, etc.  Good thing I'm motivated or I'd be tired already!  lol  I've got lists of projects for the Finish-a-long.  I have learned that the brain gets bored after about 23 minutes so I am redoing the schedule for my Creativity 101 gals to keep things lively.

My book review is about paint finishes and I happily timed that to coincide with the reno.  I need to think about what colours to paint the book case and the hutch that will be going back into the freshly painted north rooms.  There is also an old gate leg table that I'm considering.  Heck, I'm considering everything!  ;^)

I managed to get this lap sized quilt top basted before I got the gesso and paints out.  Cross hatching would be the fastest but I already have one 'mattress pad' looking quilt.  So I'm thinking maybe some lines and circles.  Haven't free motioned in a while but the best thing for me when I drag my feet is a deadline that absolutely pushes me forward!  eek!

There is more on my list but as they say, "we are burning daylight!".   So I gotta get moving!


Mary Ann Tate said...

The floor looks really nice:)

Createology said...

Marching Monday to your finish lines. The floor looks beautiful. 23 minutes? I am barely able to begin in that amount of time! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts Dear...

Margaret Applin said...

I'm loving your pages!!!!!!!!!!!!! My colors!!!!!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Floor is beautiful! What Class are you taking? I know you're anxious to have your house back together but I'm anxious to see it! Going to be verynice, me thinks!

Leanne said...

It just looks so fun at your house, despite the dust.