Saturday, March 2, 2013


February, that is!

I found that deer that got away!

I spent more time on the backgrounds and that was good but I'm wondering why I am making notes on a calendar and then doing it again for the journal!  lol

Ha!  It is noticeable. I had some techie help from my good friend, Margi, as we addressed the crankiness of my 'puter'.  In my multi tasking, I pasted the photo in upside down but it just helps shake out the dust bunnies the photo was illustrating!    Thanks, Margi.  The 'puter is humming instead of growling!  :)

It really has not been cold, at least not as cold as the colours are portraying.  Time to march into some warmer colours!

I can't hardly believe after all the time wasting I have done this month, I have these pages done on time.

Hmm, winter is officially over in March and yes, we can get some nasty storms.  But daylight is lengthening and my hope for spring is blossoming.  What colour will the March pages be???


Leanne said...

Your book is looking lovely. I wonder what colour you will use for March.

Createology said...

Hmmm...March and Spring and Easter give so many color options. Your calendar and journal are similar and are looking fabulous. Finishing on time is a very good thing. Wonderful Weekend Dear...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Nice pages! Maybe, March can be hot pink! I have my calendar pages done...just can't seem to get them posted. Soon, I'm sure of it!

Margaret Applin said...

March pages hmmm? Forsythia/daffodil yellow - ELLE YELLOW! I love the March layout!!!