Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I looked out the window this morning because all the sparkles caught my eye.  Not sure if the zoom captures them but all the bits of glitter in the trees remind me of Faerie lights!  I've never seen them so big and bright and plentiful.  How is that for goodness!

The floor is beyond good.  It had its third coat very early this morning and looks so wonderful!  Tomorrow it will be back to painting the trim and I want to consult the girls about my options for the furniture that will be going back in.  Great minds and all that!  lol  I have deliberately waited to repaint any pieces until I can evaluate the finished room and those reupholstered chairs.  Everything else is good but can definitely be made better.

I MQ'd the lap quilt. I rebasted it and I'm glad I did.   I decided against the circles as I decided to make a wonky cross hatch from the wavy lines.  I definitely got better as I neared the end!  ;^)  I also am seeing a fair amount of distortion.  :(    I am deciding whether or not to add one more each way to make a four patch design inside each section.  Blogging and studying the photo helps me make that decision.  Good may become better!  :)

I am pressed for time and I'm deciding if this quilt should be the one to try the binder I bought during the big Bernina sale.  I'm not sure learning how to do it will be worth the time saved!   But I do want to get the binding on today.  The backing is an old floral from my stash and the binding looks like it'll work for both sides.  Good enough??? 

Things are looking good and I bet they'll be even better tomorrow!


Createology said...

Fairy Lights made of glistening snow are very beautiful. Your floors are perfect and look so good. I adore the wavy quilted lines on this quilt. Really gives it personality. You are really on a roll dear elle...

HollyM said...

Well if you haven't quilted the test yet, I'd suggest lines in the very middle of each . Maybe that would help. It's so pretty!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Wow...the floor looks wonderful. The fun part will be putting all the stuff back:)