Thursday, March 14, 2013

one of those days!

I started off with some of the new things Jenn and I found at the local scrapbook store.  It is looking like I may get another girl so we will become the Three Mixateers!  :) 

I think the butterfly books  with corrugated covers and craft paper, from jillibean-soup will work well as we ease her into our messes.  I decided to try out the new stencils and stamps before I cleaned up for today's sewing.  I shoulda maybe continued to mess with the butterflies.  :(

Ya know...

when you wonder why 'these' patches are different than ALL the others!!!  There is a good reason.  A mistake.   duh!   It seems as if I have sewn these blocks three times.  They are starting to look as stressed as I feel!  If my math is right (and that is a big if ) then I will have about eight yellow pieces left over. So I need to pay attention tomorrow!
But the painters are having a good day!

No turning back.  The trim is being painted.  But I like it already.  The blue on the door jam is from old doors.  They really mess up furniture placement so we removed them LONG time ago.  Besides I got really tired of my kiddies running round and round and doors slamming!  Those were the days!

When the old windows were updated many years ago the old style had to go so the compromise was these wooden inserts.  They need to go back in as they are more in keeping with the style of the old farmhouse.

I am REALLY liking this!  The baseboards need to be eased off carefully as the fir is old and brittle, but the floors are going to be refinished.  :)  My textured walls are gone but they assure me they know how to bring it back.  ;) ;)  I do hope I picked the right colours!!!


Createology said...

The Three Mixateers...I love that moniker! Painting your wood trim really is lightening up the fresh bright new palette. Lovely! Blissful dear...

Margaret Applin said...

It is looking FABULOUS!!!! I love the white trim!! I'm also loving those butterfly stencils!