Monday, August 11, 2014

Am I worried?

I am not really worried.  Perhaps I should be more worried!  LOL

But I do not have seem to have things together.  In fact, things are in danger of falling apart.  There is a lot of spinning/flapping but not a lot of forward motion!

I have been thinking about making some changes to my blog but I have January 2015 in mind.  I have learned not to be so hasty and this gives lots of tweaking time.   Apparently I am not alone as I am reading about similar transitional thoughts on various other blogs. 

In the meantime I am kinda stuck.  Kinda like my little friend above.  :O  hmmm, what to do???

Shall I get it together or just release and let go?  Stay tuned, as soon as I know, you'll know!  ;^)


Leanne said...

How about just using the blog to share what you are up to and connect with some friends?

http://thankfullga447 said...

My blog is a journal for myself. I see lots of bloggers stressed because they have to do and write everyday.

Monika Kinner said...

: ) I feel the same way.
Incidentally, I have a photo of my kids climbing a giant split tree. One of them has a foot on the right and a foot on the left... lol He never got very far.
: )

Looking forward to seeing what happens with your blog.
Always a fan

Createology said...

I do not let blogging get to be a chore for me. I enjoy sharing my posts but I have no rigid schedule or style. K.I.S.S. for me dear...

BlissfulSandy said...

Elle, you have a beautiful blog, it is not all about graphics and pictures, it is about you, and I adore your blogging, and your personality. But if you are looking to befit up find you favorite blogs, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the designer if there is one and click on their name. I found a gale that updated my website: I am still working on it, but it is a start. Click on Sara Moonsteams' name and check out her site and all the blogs she has done. She is SUPER reasonable, but you have to be patient with her...she is swamped. I found her through "The Thinking Closet" blog! Check them out!

Jo Ferguson said...

Your blog is one of my favourites, by far. I enjoy the fact that you're creative, honest and brave. You really put yourself out there. Blogging can be a chore. I fell way behind, over the summer, because of my mom's health and my own. I started feeling as though I was letting people down. I only started my blog in Feb and I didn't have any real ideas about what I wanted to achieve with it. As soon as I started setting deadlines and too many challenges, it lost much of it's fun. I decided to post, when I feel like it and chat about what I'm working, at the time. I think you should take a deep breath and if possible, some time off (even a week), I know that your instincts will guide you to where you need to be. Wherever that is, I'll be sure to follow along.