Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Should I be ... a foodie?

DD#1 just spluttered her tea all over the 'puter screen!   But before she reaches for the phone to make her siblings aware of my need for assessment I will say,  NO! 

And before she spills the beans in the comment section, I will confess that my go to supper when the Rooster worked shift work was the no name equivalent of Kraft Dinner.  :O 


I have been diagnosed as gluten intolerant and I need to find some alternatives to toast and pasta.  Hence the recipe research.   It wouldn't hurt to razzle dazzle the Rooster with a few culinary surprises either. 

My niece, who is a chef, was here at the coop for a visit and kindly offered some suggestions.  She and I spent a whole day in Winnipeg touring Asian markets.  Who knew!  I did enjoy it, well, maybe not the octopus thingies,  and came home with bottles, jars, packages, veggies, and spices.  The Rooster would have luved it and I shall be happy to take him on a return visit.  I shall carry on with the weekday cooking and enjoy the weekend respite when his passion for food is released.  But I really do hope he can retire soon!  :)

In the meantime,  I shall continue my search for the best way to express myself with blogging.


Unknown said...

I was reading in a cookbook last night and the introduction made the point that we too often think of food as simply fuel. And not art or even an adventure.

And I read somewhere else that food is the perfect art form ... you can eat your mistakes :)

Createology said...

I enjoy the art of cooking but hate that it takes hours of prep and cooking to only be eaten in a matter of a very few minutes. I find cooking to be a very thankless job day in and day out. Your Asian journey sounds interesting.

Margaret said...

Enjoy your adventures, elle! I'll stick to my fresh garden stuff and BBQ (no sauces) and simplicity wherever I can find it. I only have a kitchen because it came with the house. :-)

Threadpainter said...

Elle ... good luck with the food searches !
Margaret ... love your sentence ;) !!!!!!!