Thursday, January 8, 2015

Busting Up UFO thinking

My first evaluation of the UFO Busting project was posted on Monday.  Now that Vicki has resolved her technical difficulties I have had a chance to peruse her tips and act on a few of the issues she addresses.

First my oldest UFO:

Year unknown but the Mystery Quilt was featured in issue #108 of the Canada Quilts Magazine.  Long time ago. 1990???

This block, Turkey Tracks looks very nice with a diagonal set but maybe I could set it on the straight. 

 The block has many pieces which I did enjoy piecing as they all had a variety of fabrics.  There is sashing and a pieced setting triangle that is part of the border.  The blocks are done and the pieces are cut for the setting triangles and enough were done to make me quit as I was seeing dozens of the same quilt and my interest waned the more I saw. This style of quilt is so NOT me.  I really dislike the traditional 3 band borders.

I pulled some dark fabrics to see if that could work into something I'd like.

Then I pulled some light fabrics.  There is also the question of how much fabric I'd need.

So- how to set these blocks is my challenge. Straight set? Tea dye the white? The palette was a controlled scrap.  Except for the square in the 'heel' and the 'toes' in the foot which was the focus fabric, I used red scraps, taupe scraps, and white scraps.  Drat!  I should use Something from the stash!!!  Especially since I've pulled apart the stash looking for ideas!  :O  And then there are all the cut bits??? Depending how I set it I may be able to use the bits for a runner.  Great!  Two projects!  :(

Which brings me the questions.  How many of those old UFO's do I 'really' want to finish?  I found a couple more so what is the final tally?  I do think that if I want to do fresh new work I need to jettison some of these.  :O

The Tally:

open projects : th, th thirty-seven  :O

I do think most of these are viable.  The only maybe is the two trip around the world which may become one baby quilt.  I'll also see how the applique projects progress.  I do hope this teaches me to finish projects before I leap off into fantasy land where I totally lose my head over the newest flirty fashions.  ;^) 

Now it is onward or I'll bust!!!


Vicki W said...

I have tell you that I really like this UFO. The colors are still very good for today! Clearly you have a classic style.

Frances Arnold said...

It will be fun for you to find a new setting that you really like and then you will get excited to finish it!! I agree about culling your UFO's. I got rid of several of mine this summer by donating them to our guild Charity group. It has been fun to see them reappear as finished projects!!
Good luck....

Katie Z. said...

37 projects just means you have no plenty to choose from. Your UFO is quite pretty, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Marti said...

I like your turkey tracks too. But I totally understand losing interest when you see a lot of the same quilt. I'm like that too.

Threads of Inspiration said...

Whether to carry on really is the question isn't it. While I think your pieces are lovely I once had a friend tell me (give me permission, really) that I needed to get rid of the old projects that were weighing on my mind to make way for the new. It was like a breath of fresh air to be rid of them. Perhaps you could gift a few of them to your quilter friends!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

your piecing is beautiful, and i like wha you have going... perhaps you are more of a modern quilter than you think... a light background? but classic... baby it never goes out of style!!! SEW ON!