Saturday, January 17, 2015


Isn't there a song called Dreee ee ee ee eam?  ahem, anyway, FYI,  I am a great dreamer.  Literally.  Its a wonder I get any sleep.  And then I can do it in the day too.  Actually I need to do serious reality checks on 'where that last hour went' during the day.  :O

Sew-  time for a reality check and my friend Vicki is offering a dream based on reality.  woo hoo!

Even her blog, Field Trips in Fibre sends all kinds of mental images floating nicely along.  :)

But my dream, or at least the one for 2015!  Ta dah!

Many, many years ago I was doing a yearly challenge kit for small wall hangings.  This was in the heart of hand quilting country and the hand quilting was doing me in!  :O  So I thought a crazy quilt would solve my problem.  Except for the trim it is all cottons in a selection of greens and the one fabric I could add was a Nancy Crow fabric with some solid coloured chunks. I had no idea the labour involved and about half way through I was thinking hand quilting wasn't so bad. lol  But I had fancy stitches on my sewing machine and I was off.  I was incredibly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  I bought embroidery books and I added silk ribbon. Then I added beads and charms!   I am such a plain Jane that even my family questioned that I had actually done it.  yup! It is a very early quilting project and kinda 'rough' as far as technique goes.  Some make me wince!  lol   BUT...

My dream is to make another, a winter lap quilt for the foot of my bed using velvets, satins, brocades etc. and ribbons and beads of course. 

Vicki asks questions!   What is stopping me????
I don't have the right space to do the project?
I'm afraid I don't have the skills.
I don't have the tools or materials I need.
I have the skill but I need the perfect design before I jump in.
I'm afraid I'll fail.
In my case it is mostly the last.  I leap in, trust to good luck and then think it was likely a fluke and I can't do it again!  :{  Mind you, the skills I would need to perfect  and the supplies are possibly not in my stash. 

The first step is to talk/blog about it.  Fess up to the problems and perhaps make a small beginning.

My word/theme for the year is mMe- maybe Mostly elle.  This is my idea and although the whole crazy quilt theme is an old technique,  this will be my plan.  It also fills the bill for finishing up the decorating of my home with my ideas and my own projects.

I have books!

I have various supplies!

I have some fabrics.
 I have lots of options.  The Master bedroom is slated for painting and I'm thinking a creamy light colour.
The bed quilt is a purchased whole cloth, cranberry  satin on one side and plush on the other with an all over quilted paisley design.
I am particularly attracted to Jacobean designs and I am just remembering I have a small Jacobean embroidery book somewhere as well.   I need to decide whether to continue the rich dark look or revive a long standing dream of a white and cream crazy patch. 

Or maybe a soft creamy pink and gold.  Options??? I  just might need to spend a bit more time for this first month dreaming as I want it to be dreamy to sleep under!  :)


What Comes Next? said...

It's a great dream! Have fun bringing it to fruition. I may have a few stains, silks and velvet bits, if you need some?

Createology said...

Look at you go elle! Blog about your dream...check! Got supplies...check! Just begin and you know you cannot is YOUR dream and YOUR project. You will do a fabulous job and think of how satisfied you will be my friend. Creative CQ Bliss...