Monday, January 5, 2015

Canoe do it?

This is DD#1's sense of humour!  A past Christmas present.  No open water anywhere round this 40 below neighbourhood!  :{


First Monday of the month is the day to show 'the dirty laundry' over at Vicki's link up! She is currently experiencing Internet glitches so I shall link up as soon as the techies get it rectified.  Ha!  They have their own to-do lists!  :)

Up on my home bar is Projects 2015 which is where I have spent far too much time documenting my past digressions and have documented all my UFO's.  Once upon a time I edited my ufo's and here they are multiplying again.  Some of these will be done or 'edited' again by the end of the year.  :(   I can't quite get past the thirrrrty word!

 The bunny quilt needs to come off the design wall and make room for another.  It'll be an easy start.

I can get the binding ready and add it so I can limber up my fingers with some slip stitching  so I can hit the applique blocks.  Pansies I think are up next. 

I better get sledding 'cause it'll be open water and canoedelling before I know it! 

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Createology said...

I do hope your temps warm up enough to let your fingers stitch comfortably. Too funny about the Canoe do it...