Friday, January 2, 2015

Setting up for success! word for the year

Who wants to fail?  Not anyone that I'm acquainted with and certainly not me!

So how does one set oneself up for success?   I guess you first have to know yourself and that seems to be an ongoing lifelong process. It may be my great insight but more likely I just get slower at ducking out  from under the microscope!  ;^)

So far I've come to terms with the fact that I am creative and I can develop my creativity.   My blog helps me with my creativity in that it pushes me to try new techniques, make design decisions and ask questions.   It is a huge factor for motivation.  But it also causes me to begin to narrow down my choices.  Because having it all is a tough act to follow  nor can I do it all!  Sometime in 2014 I arrived at the conclusion that fibre is my first luv.

*My priority is going to be fibre.

Part of the creative process is copying the masters.  But there comes a time to make the process ones own;  to edit the dozens of techniques and develop the ones that best move the design process forward and express the vision.

*My vision is to make projects in fibre that incorporate my sensibilities, my fabric, my design and my skills.

Good work habits will facilitate good work.  I doubt great art just happens.  You have to actually do the work, consistently.

*My framework needs to focus on a limited number of options.  Too many choices tends to paralyze me.  I must develop a few good routines and habits.  Within those perimeters I can begin to build a body of work.

Writing down the vision keeps it out where it can be seen, marks the path, and shows the finish line. 

*My ideas always gallop way ahead of my abilities, not to mention my finished projects. Now I have actually learned to value the process.  Sadly I've left behind far too many old luvs in the pursuit of a flirty new one.

Evaluating what resonates and what works should sort out promiscuous luvs.

*My success depends on keeping my own word to myself and that is my character flaw.

 I must resort to tricking myself.  Committing to an external source motives me.  I think I will do some quilt alongs because I do like to please those who have expectations of me.  Since I usually operate in play mode I need to find  reward  that is a reward and not more of what I actually am doing.  One that might work for me could be making pages for journal making. It isn't my focus and I can just stack up delicious paper for those journals.  hmmmm

CHOICES!!!  Will I settle for failure or climb higher and reach success???

To do that I need to trust my own instincts so this year is about Eea.  Essentially elle, almost?  Hmm. makes me think of eeeek!  How about Me!  Mostly elle?  hmm, sounds prideful.  Maybe mostly elle???
 It works for me. lol  I want to quit copying and produce work that is my own.  I don't think there is actually anything new under the sun but it can be new to me and still express my intent.  Sew- this is gonna be all about  mme! Ha, make that mmmmme!    

Word/focus/theme for 2015     mMe

Now to organize some goals and a vision for 2015 with mme in mind!  oh, and the only one that I am racing to the end of 2015 with is me.  It'll likely be a few brief dashes, a couple of sprints and a whole lot of slow jogging.  But with only me, myself and I doing the laps I should get a few rests during the relay.  oops, starting gun went off yesterday.  No time to tie the shoe laces till its myself's turn.  whoo hoo go, Go, GO!!!

And to new year's resolution nay sayers, I say:  If I make it further than I did last year, it'll be a success!


Leanne said...

I hope your year goes as you hope it will. I just don't look at my hobby in the same way you do, and would never see a year as enjoying some time being creative as anything but a success. The rest is gravy.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Well said, Elle! Some great thoughts for all of us to consider. Looking forward to watching your journey in 2015! Happy New Year! Wishing you much sun with the inevitable snow and cold!

Margaret said...

Clearly you know yourself and you've given a great deal of thought to what works best, what pleases you, what satisfies. Best wishes for success!

Createology said...

Elle dear you have really put a lot of thought and time and effort into your 2015 goals and aspirations. I feel you will definitely succeed. I like that you will be YOU and Youinque. Enjoy your process my friend.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I can so relate to this post! I think we are a bit a like in wanting to have it all, do it all, learn and make more things...but, alas, I am getting older. Time now moves twice as fast as I do! So, I'm really TRYING to just do a few things well, instead of everything in a Half-way manner! If, you love fabric that is what you should do. You've learned several paper techniques that can translate to fabric. It is still about color, design and composition...doesn't matter the medium. I like to draw. Drawing well requires a LOT of practice...I think I need to get busy and concentrate on practicing my drawing. I love making books, going to concentrate on book making. Keep it simple, right? Hope yours is a wonderful New Year and that we keep our promises to ourselves and keep it simple! I tried to create a blog today but Blogger and I were having some communication problems. I'll try again tomorrow.