Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The cooler weather has resulted in big and heavy peony blossoms.

 They don't last very long but their sweet scent lingers long.

I have to bring them into the house where I can enjoy them as they sprawl out and lay themselves on the ground.  Not pretty for such lovely flower blossoms.

And speaking of blossoms, My friend Margaret, over at Scrap Wisdom Collage is really blossoming.    She will be revealing her collection on Sunday, June 28th.  I can't wait for these girls to show their petals!  Margi is following her bliss and combining a few of her luvs in a wonderful bouquet.


Leanne said...

Your peonies are beautiful!

Margaret said...

Oh! So lovely! Mine (red, pink, white) are also coming forth...and darned Pookie-cat is a menace around vas

es, so I am undecided about collecting some for the house lest she knock them over (as she's done with roses this year)...but OH! I love peonies! P.S. Have you read Mary Oliver's poem about them?

Here is a link: http://wonderingminstrels.blogspot.ca/2003/04/peonies-mary-oliver.html

Createology said...

Superb Peonies you have grown. None here...wrong zone. Enjoy them while you can dear...