Friday, June 26, 2015

Part TWO

No, you may not have missed part one.  :{  It happened a few years ago when I realized I don't handle visual stimulation very well.  Apparently now I don't do well with too many choices!

This post could be titled-  Addressing ADDS.  :O

I apologize to those who wish I would quit typing and just do it/ make it!  But this is my journey and writing it down, reading it and putting it out 'there' has proved helpful in the past.

It seems I have been kinda stuck but it is time to move on.  And I have been trying to find the right line up.  This last line has actually been moving forward.  I knew I was a 'technique junkie'.  The better, more appropriate title might be 'dabbler'.  That makes me wince.  This past week I've been listening to a free 'making art'  program sponsored by Bebe Butler.  hmm, kinda comforting that lots struggle with creativity/productivity.

So far the best has been one gal who talked about supply clutter- my terminology.  But she did say buying supplies can make us procrastinate and also it can make us think the 'right' supply will be the magic wand to creating.  Hmmmm!     I skipped over to the blog and here are some of her tips.   Jessica Leigh Brogan's  tips:  

So part two is to reduce my supply buying habit addiction, simplify the tools, set out a LIMITED array of current luvs and ...  vbsigh,  hope for the best!  ;-)

I believe that knowledge is power in the sense that understanding can bring about desire to change and I do hope that my journey, convoluted as it is, inspires others to Do It/Make It!

Gee, there might be a part 3!


Leanne said...

There sure are a lot of supply choices. What about spending the next short while just using what you have, making things big and small, and not buying or tossing, just using and making.

Threadpainter said...

It takes a lot of will power to stop getting more 'stuff' ... been there, done that ! Bite the bullet and look around at what you've got ... more than enough to be creative !
And, if you have read my blog lately, I have determindly set my mind to creating small panels of colour, using bits of this & that I have find very hard to throw away ... but it is very satisfying and surprisingly inspiring ... and now I have art ! ;)