Thursday, June 4, 2015

changed my mind

Do you notice how lightly Mary Poppins travels.  Well I wish...

When I got my new camera at the beginning of the year  I was pretty dismayed at how heavy it was and how klunky it would be to carry around even with a sling/shoulder case.  But I convinced myself I could do this.  I got a Dummy book for it.  Good idea but it would have been even better if I'd gotten the right book!  :(  Then the software for downloading pictures was very confusing.  I was sure I could figure it out and the new computer did help.   But enter this trip with the  seven year old grandson.  If I have the camera case slung over my back it leaves my hands free to hold his hand and wave tickets around.  But there is barely room for kleenex and a comb, never mind travel documents and wallet in the camera case.  While I was fussing my Dear Ol' Rooster said I should get the camera I need/want.  :O  Gee, he really must listen as I mumble away.  lol   You know, the one that you understand,  slides into your pocket and is ready for capturing ice cream on the kiddo's chin at the kiosk before it dries in place!   

 So before he could change 'his' mind, I loaded up all the stuff I'd accumulated for the 'new' camera into a cardboard box, including the Dummy book and headed off to the camera store in the big city.  I did manage to download the photos from it and by golly they were so nice I almost changed my mind!  But nice photos won't happen if I can't have the camera with me.  I pleaded the dumbness of a senior moment  and tried to look old and helpless.  Bless their hearts, I came home with a delightful and extremely easy to use camera. They threw in a case!  ha!   It is an upgrade from my old point and shoot but better and even smaller.  I don't even need a Dummy book!   :)   And, wonder of wonders, I can recharge the battery!  Buying batteries was really cutting into my art budget.  :(

I shall let Josh use my old one while we are sight seeing and he can have his own pictures.  Heck, the two cameras take up less space than the other without the lens attached!  :{

also, I'm not really a cheap grandma, but...  Buying 'wish you were here' T-shirts at inflated prices kinda makes my brow furrow.  Especially when you can buy all kinds of them at the local thrift shop!  ;^)  So I went through my miscellaneous cards and letters stash.  Josh shall send postcards as we find them and write letters when we don't.  I have two cute needle cards for his sisters.  (They have to learn mending sometime, right!)  I have a fabric postcard I made once upon a time.  I have stationary his mother gave me!  She will get it back.  I also have 3 Manitoba postcards that have the postage included.  Josh and I shall mail them Friday morning so they arrive in his family's postal box on Monday!  You know, having a wonderful time; wish you were here!!!  lol  I shall buy stamps before we leave so we can post them pretty regularly.  And who knows, I might even see a cute t-shirt.  My DD#1 says she stops for waterfalls and cute t-shirts! lol

I am so glad I changed my mind!  :)

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