Saturday, June 20, 2015

Journaling the journey

I enjoyed preparing a journal for my grandson to record the happenings of our trip.  Each day there was a baggie with journal fodder to personalize the page.  I gave him my old camera so he could also record his own interests.  We started with a basic book.  I added flaps and pockets.  As we moved through the time the book just got fatter and fatter.  Once home I kept it to update it with photos and I'll return it for his finishing touches.  Truth be known it was more my priority than his but it will be a good visual reminder for the future.

It seems I couldn't help adding more than photos to some pages!   Here are some of  my favourites:

We began with a departure, a layover and a destination;  airplanes, three airports and the arrival.  I used the pictures that I took but I've left pages for his use.  I'll try to be calm when he applies the stickers!  ;^)

Staying with my daughter, we experienced life in a apartment.  We also had a job to do as we helped redecorate it.  We would schedule sight seeing tours to coordinate with supply errands.

This happy place got lots of visits.  Plants, a fish pond, furniture and decorating accessories.  It was here that Josh saw a 30 inch Eiffel Tower and the hunt was on for one he could afford!  We actually worked on this page early in our trip.

He did find an Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle at the Good Will store.  I think when he gets older he is gonna hate that photo he insisted I take!  lol

Meal prep deteriorated as the project became more involved.  We also used his aunt's DVD collection for some baby sitting when his assistance as a painter wasn't required. ;^)

Laura did mention that if we had paid better attention to 'Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House' we may have seen what was coming for us!!!  :O

Half way-  I'm tempted to staple this spread together until he has used up all his stickers!  :{

By this page we should have been on the road and headed south but we had to finish up.  By golly, we did it!  Josh must have watched Ice Age 2 times plus the added features the night before.  We hadn't realized how late it was.  We took advantage of his sleeping in to get that last tricky stuff done.  He awoke in time for furniture moving!  LOL

In the midst of the final push we heard bells.  No, we weren't losing it.  The ice cream truck was circling the parking lot and Josh and I dashed out with our paint clothes, his wallet, and my realization that we'd missed lunch!

We had to be on the road early to make up for that last work day.  Breakfast at Timmies!  Heck, it was a holiday so why couldn't he have a gooey donut with sprinkles! Wish I could find a sticker!!!
Josh is interested in ships and luvs water.  We hit the mall, grabbed a quick bite and were gone before the press gangs could find us.  Aye, matey!

Stayed a bit too long at the birthday party but we got down to the park before it got too dark.

I didn't know if we'd see wildlife but I figured a black feather was a good bet.  I chopped off Josh's head as I tried to catch him as he tried to touch the crow so I had to get creative!  :)  I was printing lots of picture.  I got the wrong size but I fussy cut the two figures and wow, turned out great!  LUV this page.  The hotel booklet folds out and has the room key and a postcard of its logo- a fox.  Josh missed it but I did see one out the train window.  :P

Then we began the last drive through the ice fields and into Jasper.   There lots around so I dug out my bike stickers.

We didn't have a lot of time in Jasper.  Next time!  Laura and I are already thinking about grand kiddie #2!

The train ride was wonderful.  It gave me a chance to catch my breath.

Too much breath.  We arrived late! :(   Apparently the freight trains have priority.

The stamps that Josh used to send post cards back home became a pouch for postcards.  I used the top of that over sized photo here.

And one more over sized boo boo made a nice touch on the very back cover.

I would like to point out that it really is the glitches that add that something special to the journal.  They aren't something you can plan for, just incorporate them and things get better and better. I really luved doing this.  I think it just may be part of my passion.  :-}


Beth said...

Well done and a lasting memory!!

Vicki W said...

Oh gosh, that is so cool!

Seth said...

What an incredible journal that captures what was clearly a wonderful time. This book is going to be so much fun to look back on as the years pass.

Createology said...

You are such a wonderful, caring and loving Gramma and Josh will remember this trip for the rest of his life. This journal will be so much fun to review from time to time. Creative Bliss Dear...