Thursday, July 23, 2015

An AHA moment or two!

Darn!  I wish I was faster on the uptake.   You know, catching on to things.  It might actually save me some money!  ;^) 

Home decorating has been of interest to me for so long that I don't actually think of it as a major hobby.  It is just part of how I just do life.  Therefore I assimilate information as I read, observe and study decorating principles.  I think I have a good understanding of how it ticks. lol

So when my young gal announced she was getting her first apartment I kicked into decorator mode and we whipped up the recommended mood board.  As a refresher, and mostly because I like to, I got out a book I have from a latest favourite decorator and even ordered another one from my local library.  Because I already know stuff I was thinking this is good for her but not for me.  NOT!

Holly Becker of Decor8 wrote, "There are some homes that I've visited where I instantly thought of a designer or look,  not the personality of the homeowner."  whoa!

I am making the switch from quilt kits, patterns and matchy fabric lines so why have I been so slow to realize I was not allowing what I luv to come to the for.  I was shopping my house which is full of 'the price was right',  it was given to me,  or worse yet it was a reasonable facsimile of a design lesson.  :O

With the chicks having flown the coop, the nest is now open for options.  So why am I stuck in 'old' thinking.  The opening photo makes me happy.  I luv white, old white, white with terracotta trim, or wood.   White ironstone has become a collection.  It may not have been appropriate for five rambunctious kids and a Farmer who doesn't take his boots off, but ...  My Rooster has scaled back to gardening and egg gathering.  He takes his boots off.  The grand kiddies have moved on from potty training!   I have a part time job and discretionary spending money.  I no longer 'have to'  have that uncomfortable chair in the bedroom.   And-  I know how to Google!  :)

There is something about toile that makes me smile.  I have two wallpaper rolls that I have wanted to put in our bedroom.  I have a quilt on my to-do list that focuses on toiles.   Then yesterday I got confirmation that I should just pick up that roundtoit and make a mood board.  Seven metres of wide, kinda sheer, toile fabric.  In off white and gold.    I also picked up two old plates in pink and yellow on creamy white which makes me sigh.  Now this surprises me as this chick  rarely wears pink.   :O   I also got  8 old books,  published in 1901.  Good reading, too!  Seashells, glassware, ironstone and candles.  Definitely mood board material.

Then today my gal and I continued our sightseeing tour by stopped briefly at a new bazaar shop in our small town.  I have ALWAYS wanted a tea trolley.  !!!     Now I am starting to realize that my front room suits the look of the house but it has become a tad , well, I'll just say it, old ladyish.  I need a modern 'something' for it.   Might be a rug to replace the old florally one.  ???   A modern vignette on the trolley.  hmmm  I have a very retro pinkish taupe tea set somewhere.  :}  pink again!

But first thing I saw was this small roll top desk.  I have also been looking for a chest with a fold down door for my Rooster's side of the bed.  He has a fair amount of clutter and I'd so like to hide it during the day.  It rolls perfectly.  I'd lose the knobs and paint it.  (not pink!) I can't wait to show him.  And after he does a bit of the requisite crowing I'll remind him that he thought we should check out the new place!  ;^)  Shop local and all that, don't cha know.  lol

Hey!  Come to think of it, I DID save money.

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Createology said...

How fun to change it up a bit and that is exactly what you do! Pink is a very pretty color and I think you will like it. Love your new tea trolley and that desk/side table is perfect. As for toile...LOVE it!!! The key to anything is that it makes you happy and feel good. High on Life July...