Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mid summer

And if the living isn't easy it is colourful.  I like a colour theme and a flow but my Rooster likes colour and flowers, big blowzy ones,  and as he is now part of the landscape team...    I will admit that things are getting done on time and the weeds are under control.  But as his welcome to the team he now must wrestle with the landscape budget which was the first time this year that the Budget ran over! LOL

Grand kiddie #3 had her third birthday and after exploring all the possibilities she settled on yet another baby for the nursery.  Kinda resembles baby 1 and 2 and has the same look as 4 and 5!  ;^)  She is our domestic child.  :)

We are trying to take time to enjoy the garden.  Smell the roses so to speak!  This should be the last time through for weeding.  I'm fairly pleased with the positioning of the plants and now they just need to fill in.

The Japanese tree lilac has finished blooming and the whole yard was permeated with its smell.  Now the mock orange under the front veranda windows is releasing its fragrance.  The moon flowers are twining up the railing and I'm waiting for flowers.  The faerie garden could fill in better but it will be overhauled next year. 

West of the centre walk the bed has been weeded.  The roses are blooming and the lilies are hitting their bloom button.

East of the centre walk I've started weeding.  The spirea we moved to disguise the stump hardly missed a beat in blooming.   I have pulled lots of dill which is all over these two sections.

These are quite tall, very prolific and smell heavenly.  Luv them!

I must have a 5 - 6 month attention span because all my first of the year commitments are lagging.  Time to recommit.  I grabbed my hand from pressing join for a bunch of new things and printed out my ufo list so I can pick it up and look at it rather than surf for something new, flirty and flashy.  :{

Then I revived my water brush and grabbed the sketch book because I am starting my own  club/class/come along.  I'm gonna capture what interests me, get it on paper, transfer it to cloth and play around till I create something!  I shall smell the perfume of productivity.  ha!  First I had to chase away the garter snake that lives under the margaton lilies!   Gee, there really is a snake in paradise!  :O


Leanne said...

Your garden looks beautiful, I hope you take time to relax and enjoy it. Painting it is a great way to do that.

Nita said...

Your garden is beautiful! We just got home from two months away and ours is looking sad. Good thing I like to work in the garden, eh? It'll be back in its glory before you know it. And...I do know what you mean about those first of the year intentions! Time to get back at em!

Createology said...

Ahh...I can almost smell the lovely flowers you have in your gorgeous gardens. Enjoying Summer and its wonderful green thumbs is such a blessing. GD#3 is adorable and looks like she is enjoying smelling the roses. Happy Sketching Dear...

Beth said...

Boy, didn't they really fill in nicely. Your landscape plans are a total success. Well done hen and rooster!!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

a beautiful garden miss elle... that will keep you going for a long time past mid-summer i think!! worth every pull of the weed... or dill! bless your summery days. xoxo

What Comes Next? said...

Your garden is looking beautiful! Good luck picking up with the beginning of the year intentions - that can be a tough job when there are so many new interests that like to flirt!

Jo Vandermey said...

Your garden looks lovely! It is a summer work of art and creativity.