Friday, July 10, 2015

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That Fairie Frog Garden
My grand kiddie #2 is visiting and we were going to tackle the weeds in the white garden this morning.

First we had to empty the wheel barrow so I trundled off to deposit the weeds in the neglected chicken fence.  The chickens have only been gone six weeks but my goodness!  I had to tear out some hops vine to get the gate open! :(  

That gave the frogs time to group, gather courage and present their grievances.  :O   Seems that when my faeires left, the weeds moved in and the frogs are having a hard time reading their music,  playing their marathon card games and leap frog has become a high altitude happenstance.  hmmm 

The hens have been doing their best to reclaim the jungle grass over in the orchard.  The new chicks are almost ready to go there so the hens will be coming back to reclaim their home.  Eliana and I got busy and pulled the biggest weeds.  The entrance now lets in some light.  I will need to get some of the bigger garden tools to reclaim the path and trim back the new tree growth.

ah!  The band is striking up.  The concert is planned for Sunday.  I hope the weed whacker doesn't affect the final results! :O

I'm hearing happy humming in this secret garden again.  I think we need to ask the Grand Rooster to fix the ol' potting shed and maybe for Art 101 we could paint that wall like a mural and ...   oh, bother.  I suppose the faeries are wondering what happened to me!  lol


Createology said...

Adorable...Looks like Eliana is doing her Faerie Frog Ballet to the Frog Band Concert. I LOVE your blue yard art accents dear!

Threadpainter said...

I love the stories you tell ;) ! Wish you were my grandmother !

What Comes Next? said...

There's a beautiful little fairy dancing in your garden