Friday, July 3, 2015

UFO- finding the launching pad again.

I think this month was a BUST  for listing finished projects.  But I am thankful for Vicki and her link ups because it keeps them up where I can see them and spurs me to continue. 

I have been trying not to start anything new.  I have collected a few ideas and I have resisted the urge to buy fabric.  Now to get back to work and finish up some of my languishing lovelies!  ;^)

Well, that was enlightening.  Nothing been happening.  All my flurries and flashes of 'must do' have yielded no posts.  Which probably meant no progress.  hmmm

I did take the applique blocks to my DD#1 and we will proceed with that and make a few colour changes but it'll work wonderfully in her newly painted and rearranged bedroom.  I'd like to find some blue toile for the backing.

The lap quilt for the front room works but I will not add any more of the theme fabric but frame them in the neutral solids.  After we bought the lovely picture we realized  the gold/yellow paint wasn't going to work so we chose the wall colour from the background of the picture.  It is a complex blue green that changes with the light.  I'll need to think about the backing a bit more though.

The hst quilt is ready for mqing and better yet, the sewing part of the sewing room is clutter free and ready to go.  Now if I can get the grass cut and the flowerbeds looking lovely...

Inspiration and motivation for more BUSTING can be found on Field Trips in Fibre.  Thanks, Vicki!

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Createology said...

Looking right and coming along nicely. You have been very disciplined about not beginning new projects. I was sewing along this morning and my machine had a very bad metal on metal tangled wreck. With our holiday and timing to get down the hill next week at best I shall be without my machine for at least a month. Wahhhh...