Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keep It Simple Spring

Luving my word/motto for the year.  It keeps pulling me back to basics.

I get three balls in the air and then I think okay, here is another and...  Balls start dropping.  We really do arrive to the level of our incompetence!  Mine seems to be only those few balls and then problems arise.


Unplanner-  I have tried about 3 times and all have short term success.  Time to quit daily/weekly journals.

Classes are okay as long as I'm not expected to actually do anything.  Are they worth the info???


Createology said...

I can see that KISS has been very effective and I need to install it in my life. I cannot keep up with anything daily or weekly except my Random Acts of Mail each week. As for classes...I am not a fan as there is always something to interrupt and take precious time that I would use for classes.

Jo Vandermey said...

I think doers (including myself in this category) Have creative mind that always plan to do to much. We set a plan and then add to it. If I do this then I can do this and this and... Life crops up and we are disappointed we change course. Why do we not celebrate the fact that we can adapt to deal with the things that come up.

As per classes I don't sweat that I start a process and don't finish it. I always learn something and go back to it if I need too. Some projects all I learn is that I don't like it.

You create a lot and invest in your family! What a gift that is too them!

Be kind to yourself!