Monday, December 12, 2016

Clear, cold and cleaning

Last week's warmer temperatures quickly turned to a couple of snow days.  Then the temperature plunged to 30 below and things are clear and cold but they are lovely, white and bright.

So my pages have lots of completed projects as The Rooster got some of my 'must do's'  checked off.  And of course he was busy processing soups and cabbage rolls! :)  Two days off work.  Mail was late but how appropriate that my dear friend Sherry sent me a tatted snow flake!  Thanks, Sherry!

My printers tray is now securely mounted and I can fill it with all kinds of goodies without worrying about any more mishaps.  Every time I go by I'll be tweaking it!  lol

We also moved these two shelves down to the entrance way and I have a few ideas for enhancing this area. 

Most important was my goal for the sewing room.  I needed to find all my plugs and power cords so I can get the sewing room operational.  My niece/god daughter let me know on Tuesday that she is getting married in March!!!

It does look like a busy week.  The grand kiddies have a choir concert, last swimming lesson, a field trip and a date to spend their gift cards from Chapters! Art 101 will be postponed for this week so I can rest up for a couple of bright spots in this busy week.  T'is the season, don't cha know!


Margaret said...

Blessings of the Season to you, elle! Your studio looks sew much tidier than mine! I have fabric all over my cutting table...and you don't want to see what my dining table looks like, covered in Christmas cards, stickers, and address labels! Stay cozy -- we're still in a deep freeze here. Temps have moderated but the wind's picked up -- and we're not talkin' Chinook!

Createology said...

You have the prettiest icicles. I am glad you like your little needle tatted snowflake. Getting those chores done is excellent. Your rooms look wonderful and ready for a buyer! I have a printer drawer and usually fill it with little treasures I have...however it is empty right now. Crossed fingers for your new chapter and home.

Beth said...

What a nice post. Your place looks great "iced". Enjoy your week "off".

Frances Arnold said...

I don't have a folder for "30 below"......STAY WARM!!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Your spaces look so inviting!
Wonderful tatted snowflake! It is almost a lost art. My sister was given a whole bunch of supplies and I hope she learns to do it so I can learn too!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday!