Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tis the Season!

Tremendously eventful week has now been chronicled.  They don't exactly make for pretty.  But memories- yes!

Our son #3 was in for a visit so I had the house all cleaned up.  Then we returned him to the city as we also had an appointment to put new tires on my car.  None too soon for tricky driving weather!

I had my last coffee with my friend at her shop.  Sad day as she is retiring from that part of her life.  They had the local print shop.  I got an old wooden table for my art room from her that will always remind me of our friendship.

Trying to pick it up was a bit of a challenge because the next morning my phone died.  Hopefully I am not one of 'those' people but it has all my contact numbers, connects my main computer to the internet and delivers pertinent text messages.  Where are you????  lol  The bad news I was off warranty but the good news was I had extended.  grrrr!  The replacement would arrive asap.  Meanwhile...

We had a concert to attend.  Eliana sang a solo and did a great job.  gee, they all did a good job!

They came home with us as we had an important field trip booked for the next day- bright and early!

We were front row centre for the play, The Jungle Book.  It was excellent!

The theatre is at The Forks which is our multicultural happening place.  We had lunch at Zorba the Greek's place.  Unfortunately the replacement phone did not transfer over the photos but luckily I had put a few up on Facebook.  :/

Three super excited grand kiddies with gift cards from their Tia Laura made for an intense time in Chapters!  They all went in separate directions and the plan was to let them chose but NOT to come home with one more stuffed animal.  :O

Phew!!!  Mission accomplished.  I thought they did well.  Then the rush to get home to PLAY.

But first we had to switch the car for the truck at my dearie's work and go get the table.  I'd also identified the ring as being from the replacement phone so I knew my phone was in.  yay!!!

 Yes, It was young Jolina who picked the water colour kit and Elaina went with the instruments.  (She is also into crochet.)  Josh's gold standard is Lego.

Saturday we had an impromptu water colour class.  Even I learned some things!  lol

Before we left on Sunday we had to get some thank you cards made.    Gee, and the big day hasn't even arrived.

Tomorrow I will go to their house as we have a fun day planned.  Some decorations to make and some cookies to bake.  For sure, it TIS the season!


Createology said...

Very eventful week and looks like something for everyone. Love the gifts the Grands selected. Singing Concerts and a Play? Wonderful to have interests in all sorts of arts. Stay safe with your new tires. How sweet to have a table from your friend. Merry Christmas Dear. XO

Beth said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. You have more energy than the energizer bunny!!

Frances Arnold said...

And I thought that my life was busy!!! Your Grandkids are so lucky to have you in their lives!!!