Sunday, December 4, 2016

Afraid of the white stuff???

I don't suppose I can admit to really liking the cold but I do like winter.  So crisp,  clear, bright and white.

I can't say that I am often at a loss for words so jotting anything down on a new page isn't very daunting.  In fact, sometimes it is hard to find a blank sheet of paper!  lol

Even the lovely white texture of art pads is kinda exciting. 

But launching into a 'whisper' fabric with no ruler and no plan for improvisational quilting just may raise the fear factor!  eek!

And embracing garment sewing as a way to cover this lily white body.  Well, I guess it does have a flower shape.  Just not saying which flower!  snort!!!


Createology said...

I agree Winter snow is very fresh and ethereal, however I do not like being cold. I think you are a lovely flower my dear. XO

Margaret said...

LOL! Love your reflections on 'white stuff'! There was apparently a band of it blew through my home hamlet over night while I was peacefully slumbering 1 1/2 hours' drive north at my daughter's...having spent part of the weekend cutting out fabric for garments...but not for me! (grin) And filling up pages with words, because I am more of a writer than a user of paper, paint, etc....Each of us welcomes 'white stuff' uniquely!

Nita said...

Ooooooo what are you sewing? I'm in the middle of sewing a white blouse out of fabric so thin it's like sewing kleenex. It only needs to look good from a distance (band concert that has a black & white concert-wear dress code)...which is a good thing. An even better thing is that I dont have to wear it inside out. I won't be winning any awards for fine finishing. Although I should win one for ambitious sink-or-go-naked sewing...