Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Accessories

I had to round up all my candles and give them a try because the workers on our new access over the ditch lifted the boom too high and blew the breaker on the transformer that services our yard.  Kinda cosy!  It wasn't out terribly long and I enjoyed the ambiance!  ;^)

First time over!  I was off to see the grand kiddies bright and early and was kinda surprised to discover all kinds of blustry weather in their neck of the woods. 

We made garlands to suit their mum's preferred colour scheme- white and gold. 

I am NOT the home ec teacher.  My DD#2 is a creative cook and lets the girls be creative as well.  No recipe!  :O  I hope they stick to the very tasty cranberry shortbread with orange glaze.  yum!

Silicone pans. A new to me accessory! 

Apparently some of their 'recipes' are better than others but these were not too bad.  ;^)

While the cakes baked the girls asked for help to make themselves earrings!  Who knew bobby pins made such cool accessories!  lol

We finished up with an impromptu concert.  Their mum is also the music teacher.   I did recognize Merrily, Merrily in spite of the squeaks!

The weather had cleared up if you don't count the cloud of flour that hung in the air inside.  lol  But as I left for home the blowing snow began again.  Snow!  I guess it is a holiday accessory as well!  :)

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Margaret said...

Merry Christmas to you, the Rooster and your Brood, elle! ;-) I know you'll be cozy, whether by candle light or under quilts. All the best for 2017, too!