Monday, November 8, 2010

Mixed up Monday

In an effort to be more productive, I am trying to think office job and the blogging needs to be happening before the work day begins, during the lunch break or after the homeward rush!

So as I am munching I will explain why seasons need to do what they are supposed to do and in their designated time. I guess I must admit that summer did finally show up but it is messing up fall and the winter preparations something awful. I should not even have to think about cutting grass, landscaping etc. and here I am still diddling around outside.
My farmer is still playing catch-up from a monsoon summer as well. Things are still very wet but the frosts are doing their work. Of course you then need to do what needs doing before the sun warms and softens the mud. :) It also means he is not doing my projects. :(
He did have time to have a trench dug which will divert some of the water that insists upon seeping into the basement. Dry would be lovely! But the resulting mounds need spreading about now or else I will have a bigger job next spring.
And speaking of the basement, which I'd like to slam the door shut on and nail shut... ( rant happening) Well, I need to get it ready for the primary paint, dye, spray and stamp preparations for my art work. My laundry area is off in the farthest, darkest corner but it is all I have. So I tried to work fast, focused and somewhat frantically as I pitched out all that stuff that insists on congergating in corners. I need to get stuff up and out to the storage area in the big barn. That is the first step and last chance to be useful or your next move is O U T. And I mean OUT!
So after lunch I must be outside but I'll be thinking basement and how to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

At a government surplus sale we got 2 metal tables, lots of metal bookcases and some black lab sinks. I snaffled my share before hubby grabbed them all. My dearie put the biggest sink which is a one piece sink and counter into a wood frame but I need to get a tap up and functioning. The drain is right over where the grey water collects and is pumped out.

I jammed this old bookcase in to hide the fuel tank and it stores stuff. The clothes horse can do fabric when its not drying socks! I have my seasonal accessories in the metal shelving units and the backs are facing the laundry area. It is a good thing I'm short as we put a wood floor over the half finished cement and gravel floor and the ceiling beams are low. But slops won't be an issue and most days I won't be wearing my heels so clearing the beams won't be an issue either! It is pretty cramped but it will have to do. Maybe one of those old half full paint cans can brighten things up a bit but that'll have to wait for another to-do list. Now if I can just figure out what to do with all the laundry!!!

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Createology said...

Elle if anyone can do it...YOU CAN! Great work my dear...