Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stepping Out

Common Threads was a busy crowded place last night. I did not take my machine as I need to find a more efficient method of packing/traveling. But I did learn the basics of 'convergence'. That's pretty cool! I got some input into a colour class and I found lots of support, encouragement, and motivation. We are a great sisterhood, us women, whether we be 'net' friends or near neighbours. Thank you.
I am off to a good start. Typically I did something else. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was looking thru my 'puter for some basic info that I've saved on journalling and sketch books. I know how the 'save as' function works but I never take the time to organize the info. So I was organizing while I looked. I did need the time to think because I had a few decisions to make.
I had started a couple of 3 ring binder scrap books for each of my kids but they look very juvenile to me. The album book I have is kinda small but classy. Might be too small. Hmm, what to do? A firm stamp with my boot and I am not going to postpone while I wait to buy the perfect book. So I'll use the small book but make lots of loose pages. Victory, YES!
I'm sure that lots relate to postponing the mending but the articles are all now washed and dried so that's where I'll begin. My farmer's over-alls.
I copied out the Loose Feathers list and I can't recall who or what Pippa is!!! But I know I am not alone. That Girl has a great post on finishing old projects. I think instead of viewing them as this large pile of dead objects, I need to lift them up, get some light on them, and give them a reason to live.
Time to get marching!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really must read about the unfinished pieces in your link. I have to admit, my friend Dana purchased six journals recently and has found fault with all of them. Since I'm not into journaling, I have no idea, but from what she says, there IS no perfect journal. So, you go, girl! I;m off to check your link.

Unknown said...

Hup-to, soldier! ;)