Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Revelation

I went down for a final gloat over my laundry area only to discover that the grey water hose had let go and had been recycling dirty water all over the floor for long enough to have the poor pump become all hot and bothered! :(
So what was a quick fix turned into a lengthy process as I had lots of stuff on the floor. So I am still fixing.
While I'm not a fast learner I do eventually catch on. I need to edit some of my stuff and make this into a room rather than a corner. And as I hunt and gather what I'm thinking I need, I have also been actually thinking.
I had a revelation: a journal is a diary and blogging is a form of that for me. Diary comes from latin; diarus, daily and dies, day. It is a daily allowance, a daily written record of the writer's own experiences. It became journal, with the meaning of a record of personal experiences, reflections and daily work, from the French word jour, day. Some synonyms are annals, book, commentary, daily, issue, life, log, organ, volume.
The aha! part came when I realized it is written at the end of the day, not the beginning. 8>0
This will help my public accountability as I need to write about finished projects not just dreams and plans. This has been enlightening and will be all for the good.

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