Thursday, November 18, 2010

The White Stuff

Everything is white. The snow has fallen and covered the grass, the weeds, the bits, the lost, the soggy and made everything new, fresh, clean, bright and hopefully frozen. I hope they will stay that way until spring is good and ready.

That means a white page and a new start for the winter projects. I'm thankful each day is a new day.

I spent an evening pruning my blog roll and evaluating my computer times. I find the computer extremely useful and it is a great tool but it can sidetrack good work intentions with pleasant and lingering looking. I'm figuring out how to save and store useful information, my files, photos and tutorials. But I especially need to learn how to use it for my best interests. I've found Lisa Call's blog, Contemporary Textile Art, both instructs and motivates. I'm thankful for honest sharing.

I reorganized the laundry corner of the basement for crafting and have begun to do my altered pages. I'd like to paint the background, (white?) but I resisted waiting till it was all 'ready' and began anyway. Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover another busy and productive blogger, has kindly allowed me access to her 14 week tutorial on making an altered book. I've chosen my book and I'll be working my way through that in the coming weeks. I'll share my progress and insights. This is going to be part of the Eggs or Else commitment. I'm thankful for generous fellow crafters.

I've debated the benefits of challenges verses just do your own thing and I have decided that some challenges would be a good thing, especially if they go along with what I would do anyway. I think I work better to a deadline but I must learn to keep my word. I have missed the gals over at 3 Creative Studios, Terri, Vicki, and Sue so I'm waving the white flag and surrendering to some challenges and I am going to try to keep step with their creativity. But I think I'll be sitting on my hand when I see some of the other great opportunities that come up on a regular basis. But I am thankful for generous teachers.

I usually have a white sheet of paper whenever I chat with my friend, Judi, at Approachable Art. She is more than a cyber friend and her willingness to answer my questions has made art very approachable. I'm thankful for good friends.

The white table top in the playroom has been cleared and the sewing projects are lined up. I have some personal goals to make. This top is my daughter's wedding present and she now has 2 grand kiddies. They need quilts also. I belong to a Quilt group that also issues a small monthly challenge and one yearly wall hanging challenge. I also have the colour workshop to organize. I really hope to combine some of these with the Internet challenges. I go to Bernina Club once a month and I dearly hope to sit on my hands more often there. New, and wonderful, and shiny and white! awk!!! I'm totally wanting it ALL! And that sends me into the red and white, not even black and white. ;) I'm thankful to be part of a fabric friendly community. I'm thankful for fellow quilters who hold me accountable. I'm also thankful for family that patiently waits for their quilts.

Now Sherry, over at Creatology, manages to do it a great variety of things and encourages and inspires as she consistently produces all kinds of luving things. She should get a white robe as she gently shares that it is better to give than receive. :) I'm thankful for givers.

I have one more thing to add to the Eggs or Else exclamation. I gathered in one place all my house paint. Some are probably mostly empty. Some have never been opened. One used to be a shiny, new, but very empty can that I paid $$$ for because I was going to do some forgotten special mix!!! Some are no longer sporting white and readable labels. I am determined to work my way through all these cans before summer. Eggs or Else. sheesh! I'm thankful for husbands who enlarge their capacity for understanding.

Is it a lot? It doesn't have to be if I can find creative ways to work some of them together. And it isn't a lot if I can focus and use my time wisely. So, What if... I actually set my heart, my mind, my hand and my word to the doing of it?


Anonymous said...

Judi is terrific isn't she? that's a beautiful quilt Elle.

Createology said...

We are expecting snow this weekend. Your new space for journal painting looks great. Happy weekend to you...

Unknown said...

Wow, sounds like a lot to me! :D (Thanks for the sweet mention.)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How sweet of you to add my link along with those of such other talented artists. Glad you have started your book. I really love that you chose a dedicated place where you can leave your project out.