Monday, January 3, 2011


Gee, if 1/1/11 makes me happy, I'm going to be ecstatic on 11/11/11! I like the number 11.

Keeping in mind the word for 2010, FOCUS, I am looking at 2011 only. Not the whole decade.

From 1/1/11 to 31/12/11 I am going to be seeking and searching for ways to FIND out how I tick and what to do to keep moving forward.
I have been considering the whole resolutions/list controversy. I am not a list maker but neither do I have anything measurable to show but giggles, happy noises, snorts and half done projects. So inspite of the naysayers I will give it my best shot.

My goals for this year are:

1) To keep up to date on my commitments.

2) To complete one project a month.

3) To make serious effort towards Eggs or Else and post projects and not dreams.

4) To go through my library.

5) To try a 5 item list each day/month/year.

This is also the year of the journal. Most of my commitments involve some kind of journal. I luv scribbling, taking notes, jotting things down. I just never really go back to them. But I have a number of these commitments.

1) To teach a colour workshop to our quilt group, Common Threads, which involves a colour journal.

2) To do a small page sized art quilt for the months September thru May also for Common Threads.

3) Three Creative Studios runs challenges and I'm in. One is a weekly Journal Quilt.

4) The Sketchbook Challenge is monthly.

5) I am doing an Altered Book 101 courtesy of Elizabeth.

I'm not listing the wedding and the comfort quilts that are for this year. Those things generally get done.

I am hoping that Finding how to do five major things in this one year, broken down into 5 things per month, using a 5 day work week, with 5 things per day just might find me accomplishing something. I may like the number eleven but this just might be the year of the fives!


Sharon ML Schutt said...

Love the list! I'm blog hopping and glad to meet you! I have read about the 3 Creative Studios challenge and I shall hop over there to check it out!

Createology said...

Hi elle: I do believe you shall succeed at your five things per day. As you like number 11 I love number 5 so Yay! for your lists. Great beginning to a new year 2 0 11!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Number 11 and 2011 seems to be good for you. I'm quite sure you will achieve these goals, because you have determination and lots of energy to pull everything off. Here's to a great 2011 and continued friendship.