Sunday, January 9, 2011

Colour Wheelies

I need to get all my colour wheels spinning in the same direction. lol

There will be four sessions in the upcoming colour classes. They should be basic, not overly complicated. My intention is to enlighten, not overwhelm. But such a big subject!

I want more than a binder, I want a pretty (as in smashing) journal. I may be trying to twirl before I can spin. It looks more like a scrap book. I need to learn how to blur edges and blend.

But back to class content. This isn't about journalling. It is about making colourful quilts with confidence and having fun with a colourful stash that is full of useful options. The economy being what it is, we should at least have 75% of our stash budget invested in fabric that earns its keep.

I spent a lot of money and time accumulating my stash. It was fun but I do wish I'd understood colour principles better and resisted more of those 'buy me, I'm purty flirty' fabrics. Colour is so much fun to play with I find it painful to listen to quilters who are anxious about 'what goes'. So I'm happy to share what I've learned and I enjoy teaching because it forces me to clarify what I know. Hopefully it'll be a win/win time for us all.

Having the grandson over for the weekend and seeing that he is perhaps not too young to join in playing is certainly going to help me loosen up and enjoy this very colourful journey. But if I don't keep track of those pencil crayons, I'll be the one doing wheelies! ;^)


Createology said...

Happy coloring Miss Elle. Your grandson is just adorable. Looks like he will keep you busy and happy.

Anonymous said...

I love this - color is a stubborn problem for me!!!

Twisted Quilts said...

Great thoughts and ideas and precious young man! I do not come from an art background so I really enjoy reading about color. I love your idea of the swatches in your journal. I have tried to organize my stash by color but it is hard to keep things straight. I really need more room but more room would mean more fabric and I would end up right back where I am.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Color (or COLOUR if you live in non-English speaking countries tee hee) is one thing I am comfortable with. I don't have a color wheel. I have a sense of color. I can dress myself, and therefore I know color. But I'm glad to read about those flirty fabrics. They are ones I stay away from. They also tend to be more expensive and don't dye well, either.

Love these color wheels, though and your grandson, who looks like he's taking this lesson to hear.

KatieQ said...

Enjoy your class, it sounds wonderful. I would love to take a class about color. My choices are always much too timid bordering on bland.

Laura said...

Learning how to dye fabric has been one of the best ways to learn about color and the various color wheels--it was amazing to me when I learned that orange and blue made about 100 different colors when mixed together in different ratios. Dyeing isn't for everyone, but it really helps to learn about colors.

Unknown said...

"I need to learn how to blur edges and blend."

It's a really handy skill... if you were here, I could teach you in about 10 minutes how to get great blended edges... I guess you need to make a trip south, huh? ;)