Thursday, February 3, 2011

AB 101 Covering

In the review I see I forgot to strengthen the inside cover and first pages which are attached to the cover rather than the spine. I had gotten the Mulberry paper so all I had to do was apply some gel medium after I chose the colours.

I liberally spread the gel medium right into the centre and then placed the mulberry paper, brayered it down and added more gel.

The two pages got a smaller piece of the green.

The inside cover got 2 pages of the purple which I overlapped in the centre for extra strength.

The back cover is where the niche goes.
I forgot the darn plastic clamps from my son in law while I was there yesterday. He has lots of cool tools while my dear farmer is of the old school called 'make do' and has old, dirty, rusty and not so state of the art. But I don't think my clothes pins will do the job so I await the DSIL's cool clamps. Or I can add them to the weekend's grocery list!

In the meanwhile I played with gel medium, paints and paper for my Common Threads Challenge. The theme is garbage and right now it is kinda looking like that is where it will end up. lol The base fabric is drying after its 4th layer of paint which will likely save it from incineration! I'll work on this next journal quiltlet tomorrow.


Createology said...

I am loving your journal colors. Looks like fun with the gel medium. If you have a dollar type store near you that is where I got some great clamps that have nice plastic coated tips. Happy February Hearts to you my dear...

Ashley said...

just found your blog off of Createology! lovvve it! you two are just so crafty! inspiring!

Textile and Stitch said...

haha, I'm sure your garbage themed piece will come out fine...your altered book project is looking great :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This mulberry paper will provide the strength needed for your book once you start working in it. All that wear and tear will put some stress on it and the mulberry paper will ease that. I'm glad to see you covered it before it began to split. Way to go. And before the BOOK becomes garbage (grin). I don't have enough fabric to turn into garbage, so I'll watch what you are making instead.