Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Workshop in Progress- oranges

I have the top and the backs pieced for the two bunk beds. The back is pictured on the right and the front is on the left.

The back could be better as far as proportion and colour matching but this is about progressing in my design capabilities. Always room for improvement.

The top can be enhanced with some oranges (circles). I am thinking I could apply some fusible to the fabrics shown above and cut out various sized circles and sprinkle them on the strippy top.

These are on an orange background and are darker. There is quite a bit of overlap. The biggest would finish about 5".

This background is white with lighter motifs. These average about 3" but do not overlap at all.

Then there is a coordinating stripe.

My first choice is hand applique which I like but that would not improve my machine applique skills. I could satin stitch the raw edges or I could do some blind stitching around turned under edges.
Is the top busy enough already?
Are the circles big enough, too small?
Should I sprinkle a dozen or so all about or cluster them in the lower quarter?

oye! Time for a juice break!


BijouxBaby said...

I would cluster the circles. Clustering would give them impact that they lack on their own. I might cluster one quilt in a lower corner and have the other as if falling from the top. I like things to be different.

Createology said...

Yes some fresh orange juice to stay in the theme of your quilts. Circles on stripes would be excellent. I actually like the suggestion above from BijouxBaby. Interesting and artistic. Machine applique with Nina. Happy stitching...

Tapestry Tree said...

when I machine applique, I like to use a buttonhole stitch. It does the job of covering the raw edges and it is not as heavy as a satin stitch. I fuse it the pieces down first with something like Misty Fuse or Steam a Seam Lite. I like BijouxBaby's idea of clustering the circles.

Beginning Quilting said...

Orange is one of my favorite colors and I think your quilts are amazing. I like your choice of fabrics and I can see that you're doing a great job. I can't wait to see the finished quilting projects soon! Keep up the good work! :) said...

Wow. You are officially now my favorite blog. You rock! And you have no idea how badly I want to turn your banner into a fibre postcard and mail it to you! : ) Sweet photo!
~Monika in Saskatoon

Annie Crow said...

I like the cluster idea, and would stick with the circles on the white background, I think the circles on the orange background are pretty close in value to the top and would not read as clearly.

Cheryl Arkison said...

You would certainly be accentuating the single colour notion of this, but I would be worried that the circles would get lost. They would add texture more than design, I think.

A contrasting colour (purple?) would have more design oomph.

That being said, I do like the top as is. And your quilting would add lots of texture.

If you do add them, I would suggest fusing them, then using your quilting to stitch them down.