Thursday, May 19, 2011

Even Better

I'm a slow learner but I do eventually get it!

At one point I'd have rushed in without having the whole picture and that just leads to all kinds of half finished projects.

I'd like to do a spring wall hanging that has the feel of light/white barked trees like our poplars standing against an aqua sky. I am ready to dress the veranda for spring so the hanging would be appropriate. I'd bought an area rug to anchor the seating area in this front entrance.

I flapped the new rug down and gathered some things. (This led to an editing in the basement storage area but that is a different tangent.) ;^) This gathering would be my idea of what the home dec people call a story board where you review your options then finalize the decisions.

Hmm, this rug is telling me that the room is now calling for some colour punch.

I went digging in my stash of spring fabrics. The grouping to the right is too light for my liking. The stuff set aside for the sunshine room is looking like it will work way better. It has a hint of aqua but the greens go with the few plastic dishes a got a few years ago. The more saturated colours are taking me in another direction but I'm liking it.

So this will be the fabric for the veranda. I can pull a few turquoise things for accents. I can also see that greens will be better for painting some of the wood pieces that I have for the veranda. I don't have a finished veranda to show but I think I have saved myself some work in the long run as I now have a better idea of how this veranda will function throughout the seasons. I'd originally thought of painting chairs, table, bench, chest, etc. various colours but I am thinking various greens will be more cohesive.

Now I still think I'd like to try the first idea of the trees with the sky behind but this can be a smaller version and possible a table runner or something.

I also had problems with blogger and deleted past browser history. Whoa, I need to do that more often obviously as things seem a bit faster now.


Createology said...

How fun to decorate your outdoor space. Your choices of colors and fabrics and decor are very Summer living. We had a sunshine today but it is still colder than normal.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm super impressed with the colors you have chosen for the veranda. I can barely wait to work on my outdoor spaces.