Monday, May 2, 2011

look what I found!

I was away for the weekend and hopefully rested and refreshed because I have a lot to finish up for the quilt show. I was tempted to just put down quilt show five times on my list but the devil is in the details they say so I will detail the new week in the side bar and in my day book.

I was also very excited to FIND out something about my style. My word for the year is find and I do need to identify what my particular style is. I'm all over the place but not really settled on one thing. I know I can't 'do it all' so I'd like to fine tune my options. I was MQing the straight lines on the convergence and admiring the way it has layers, depth! As I read about mixed media techniques I am very drawn to the layering and how that creates such richness to pieces. I thought about my favorite quilt! My style is going to involve layers of depth, of interest! I'm quite delighted to be discovering these things.
This Trellis quilt is a pattern that I tweaked many, many years ago. The lattice has 2 white tone on tone fabrics that hardly show any dimension. That was a bit disappointing but value is something I knew I needed to work on. I do like white lattices and I surely didn't want a bold lattice.
I did not have enough of the Hoffman floral fabric so I added a very close fabric that I'm almost sure has some polyester in it. But it really works well and the bit of brightness adds some depth to the florals peeking thru the trellis.

I really like the border fabric, the subtle pattern and washes of colour. I also felt very much in the 'zone' with the free motion quilting. I hate marking and I found the path for easy outlining of the trellis. Then I did leaves and flowers in the open areas. I just think 'leaf' and draw it and I must admit I can do a better drawing with the sewing machine needle than I can with a pencil. Same with the flowers which are pretty much fantasy. I like a subtle variegated thread. I used the even feed foot for a spine in the border and then just filled in with flower shapes.

But it is really the layers that I like so much in this quilt. I want to leave bought patterns behind but this one so appealed and I was pleased with how it all turned out and now I find that I understand why. Layers are the way for me to go! 8^)

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OH, I love it! Really, really love it.