Monday, May 9, 2011

Game called on account of rain!

And it does look like I'll be having a cup of Timmy's some time this morning! With rain on the forecast from Saturday night to Thursday, a girly day with friends seemed a good use of some down time.

So yard/garden isn't happening as the focus for the official start of my spring work projects but I do want get started on the new weed crop before it begins to look like a jungle out there.

Veranda is up for the spring deco project. I haven't any real idea of what that will look like but perhaps I'll get some urban inspiration.

My daughter's wedding quilt won't be done in a week but it'll stay on the list until I do get it done.

I want to keep a balance with at least one day for sewing and one day for mixed media art. I'm thinking of working through a book on thread techniques and I'll get back to AB 101.

Looks like a date with the grand kiddies for Friday and hopefully we can be outside for most of the weekend.

So my game plan has changed a bit. I'd hoped to keep up the momentum from a successful last week. Here is hoping! In the mean time... good morning, Timmy!!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm really impressed with everything you are accomplishing and have accomplished so far this year. It certainly makes for fun blog reading!

Createology said...

Ahh the refreshing rain. We had rain overnight and now the birds are singing and the whole world seems refreshed. Oh and Oops the ground is just a tad too damp to do yardwork...Oh darn! So I am sitting in my cozy office enjoying catching up on blogs I have been missing. Happy week to you my dear...