Monday, November 7, 2011

Blizzard Warning

The weather warning may be premature but I do have a 'blizzard' happening in the playroom.   I have 2 quilts to have completed by Thursday and not much chance on the weekend to get to them.  

I did get some help from the grand kiddie to hunt, gather and put away my summer toys.  We got a lot of them before we had to get onto other things.  

I have hand binding to do on the smaller quilt and more MQing on the larger.  

I'm trying not to look too closely at the first stitching because I am definitely feeling much more confident as I stitch along.  

It was hard to put the bare feet on the cold floor this morning because the wind howling as I went to sleep prepared me for the beginning of the white stuff.  I'm ready for the slower pace of winter but not quite ready for the cover it provides!


Createology said...

Hi Elle: We have just had our first snow Saturday night. Not too much but the weather is so cold. I definitely feel winter. Happy stitching and completeing projects...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

We are finally getting freezing weather and even some rain. It is finally looking like autumn here and winter where YOU are!