Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woes of the Woman on WOW's

I had been practicing carving and decided to try to make a few African themed stamps for a fun wall hanging I want to make.  I used ideas from the theme fabric.

The stamp I thought was the worst turned out to be my favourite so one really needs to just do/try different things.  

I used the exacto knife for straight cuts and also to remove background. I can see I need to go deeper.  The other tool gouges and takes some practice.  Heck, it all takes practice.  :{  I need to see how to make a darker impression on fabric as well. But it may be my stamps have been 'saved' way too long.  lol

Also on my worktable is the plan for the kids' house.  I first shoved furniture into different arrangements.  I have a general idea and the colours come from this picture which I'm thinking I'll be hanging in their back entrance as they have a bigger and better one that goes over the little apartment sized piano but works also.

This little house needs painting.  Browns are definitely old and out and so 'not' this colour loving family.  The love seat was a give away.

The kitchen is a challenge.

I was a bit worried by the many colours they wanted but I found a decorating book that used their palette somewhat and I remembered this quilt I'd actually made for my daughter when she was working in the Dominican.  It is more muted than they want but it works as a throw over the very brown recliner.  Why do men insist on big dark recliners???  lol  So I've been gathering stuff from my ornament stash, sorting curtain and pillow fabrics from my fabric stash and bemoaning the 2 lamps I left behind during a virtuous moment at the thrift shop! :(

Now if you have been following the Woes of the Woman this week, you will know that I have a chicken killing critter under the hen house.  Yesterday I looked out the window when I heard squawking and saw him bold as brass in the middle of the pen.  My dog, Manni, and I arrived too late. The thing actually hissed at us from under the coop!  I think it is a river otter or a fischer.  My Rooster gets home when it is quite dark.  Lots of the chooks had said forget it and went to roost in the trees in the bush.  
But, wonder of wonders!  My Manni !!!  This morning I looked out and he is sleeping by the coop and near where the critter goes to ground.  You can see a few of the chooks have come out from hiding.  The rest are locked inside.   It is a while later and snowing and he is still on guard.  These particular dogs sleep during the day and prowl and guard at night.  And they don't mind weather. Well; cold ,wet weather, at all.  He doeslook for cool corners in the heat.   I hope that darn critter gets good and hungry and desperate for a breakout!!!

So I have lots of things happening here and round about.  Happy Wednesday!  


Vicki W said...

I love your stamps and kudos to Manni the wonderdog!

Sheila said...

Cool stamps , you amaze me with your creativity . Good for Manni hope he keeps the critter at bay.

HollyM said...

You do have lots going on! I hope you catch that thing soon. The stamps are interesting. I love to use stamps. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Createology said...

How fun to carve stamps to use in your African themed wall hanging. Bright, cheerful and living life fully are the colors of your project home for your kids. Manni is definitely a wonderdog and doing a great job defending your chickens. Go get the varmit Manni...

Gina said...

Great stamps! I wish there could be a happy solution for all at the hen house.