Friday, November 25, 2011

Half way to the end

Winter has been backed up again so my Rooster can get some more work done on the front steps.  The workers have also been making great progress on the new access road. They have the barricades for the bridge ready for positioning today.  I'm hoping to dash across it one last time this morning.

I'll face that long drive (half a mile) on the new road when I see my Rooster at the home end cheering me on! YES, you can do it!!!   LOL  Amazing how we'll face the old (and dangerous) rather than the new and untried. vbsigh

Speaking of new ways, I did add bigger flowers to this old wall hanging but I need to seriously raise the bar. I know I can do much better than this. Even the flowers could still be more somehow.  But I do know you can't always be going back to fix old stuff because you'll never get to new and exciting projects.  I've learned a lot about design, balance, symmetry, etc. by doing these small projects.  But it is time to try a bit more sophisticated work and I think I need to work slower so things can gel. Maybe stop halfway and really look at what I'm doing and where I'm going and how best to get there.  Hmm sounds like a life lesson!

 Besides, if the kiddies pick flowers and pluck coconuts I shan't mind.  It is not like it is an heirloom!

I have been seeing the value in duvet covers.  My aunt gave me a few and they often have wonderful yardage suitable for long gathered curtains.  I found a perfect one for the kid's room on Tuesday and DD had found one that will work well in the entrance which has 4 windows, 2 in the walls and 2 in the doors.  I have them ready for hemming but because my math is often inaccurate and I am really a visual learner I will take them and try them before I finish up the hems.

So I'm off to make happy noises at the redecorating project.  We are halfway to the deadline.  My Rooster is about ready to add his expertise to the 'must do's' and he'll keep me from tweaking the small details while the major events hang in the balance.  ;^)

If I'm not back any time soon, it'll be because I'm bogged down halfway from somewhere!

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Createology said...

Just be certain that the big equipment trucks travel over that new road before you do and you will be fine. PS Daylight not dark for the new adventure...