Monday, November 28, 2011

The long road ahead.

I have a deadline.  The grand kiddies and their parents will be walking through the door of their newly redecorated home in 12 days.  I hope somebody has a deadline for our new access.  :(

Sometimes when you live with things there doesn't seem to be any "what if's...".  They have always been that way. That is just the way things are.  But then a closer look and what worked fine before no longer is working.  There are serious flaws.  A better way has to be found.  What are the  what if's...?

In record time a plan was devised for the temporary access road.  And so  have I been figuring and re figuring the configuration of a tiny little 2 bedroom house that is home to this young family. Some ideas couldn't work.  What else could?  This labour of love has pushed me creatively.  The colour scheme has been finalized,  the floor plan has been pushed into place, and a few new storage solutions lie in their boxes awaiting filling.  No curves were expected.

The halfway point has been passed and I can see the end.  Things were quite the mess as dirt was piled off to the side and a culvert was set in place.  The kid's home is looking quite a shambles as the contents of cupboards are spread around.  I've found some more possibles for curtain materials and there will be some switching taking place.   The glorious cantaloupe in the entrance is still wonderful but the curtains are making  me wonder if they might cause a few bumps. Time for a second opinion.

Hopefully some of these questions will resolve themselves as we begin to have an unobstructed view of the last half of the journey.

Oooh, that last turn up onto the road is narrow and a bit inclined. That ditch is very deep.
Oh,  by the way, mum; we will be adding to our wee family this summer!

Of course I'm delighted!!!  However it did cause a slight mis-step as I considered the basic plan for the whole house.    But not to worry,  I'm up on the road and headed for the home stretch.  


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congrats on being a future grand"mum" That's really a journey, at least the way you keep us in suspense to the very end!

Createology said...

Your post is perfectly parallelld to the new road and the new re-do on your childrens home. Congratulations on the news of a new grandlittle. Elle with you at the helm all will be done and fabulous and just in the nick of time. Jingle Bell Joys dear...