Saturday, March 31, 2012

Counting and Checking or doing the math

A blog post for Friday Finishes and then a blog post for making plans for the week is not my style.  Motivating but not my style.

It is beneficial so I'm trying not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  It's a big baby!

I was counting on getting some book related things done.  And not the library book I did get done, either.

We had a successful beading day and the homework was to get some necessary supplies for the last projects.  That can be checked off and the tentative schedule is in place.

I did get time to review the beginnings of the artist unique and I have seen some definite patterns developing. My wardrobe was a big clue that things evolve and what intrigues me today, may not tomorrow and that is okay.  I should skip to the end of the book in this next week and take a hard look at what holds me back.  Besides fear, that is. 

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The Altered Book class got off to a shaky start but I'm starting to 'get' it.  First  comes technique and then comes design style.  :{

The home decorating is coming together and I was rather amused that a favorite decorating blog reported that clients are asking for minty greens which looks like aqua to me.  Nice to know I'm in the right flock of chicks.  lol 

I will be taking a big stack of dishes that my mum and I accumulated when I'd take her grocery shopping.  I'd not have gotten so many if she hadn't been doing the buying. I prefer plain white ones with solid coloured accents so the magnolias will be going.  What was I thinking?  We have nothing close to that here.  I suppose what particularly appealed was the fact that the plates were in two styles so I could not be so matchy matchy which appeals to my randomness.  And they did go well with the old rug which had navy, cranberry and the blue greens.  As I said, what intrigues me today may not...

Our guest helped cut the foam for her bed and I am sad to say the sheets were not finished either.  But she was quite happy during the time she spent in the Sunshine room.

I am totally happy with the new computer speed but still haven't figured out the tweaking that upgrades inevitably bring.  Needless to say, I had no new Photo Shop adventures nor doodling.

I'm feeling the push of spring and the flowerbeds.  We have had unseasonably warm weather but the snow flurries have settled in again.   I expect the next lot of warm weather will require me to be outside and trying to keep ahead of the weeds. I need to not waste any time day dreaming here in the Coop and Saucer Playroom when the Dandy lions are starting to prowl the grounds.

So with the resulting tally I'm figuring there is always room for improving the math skills! 

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Createology said...

You are certainly spending a lot of energy on your way to your very own "signature" style. Brings to mind...anything worth doing is worth doing right. And you qualify! You get more done in a day and week than I ever get done. Love that chair!!! Your sunshine room looks lovely. I am just thankful it is raining again so I don't have to be out in the damp cold trying to de-weed thousands of the little devils. Wonderful Weekend Dear...