Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Flinging

I never realized how much I look forward to spring.

I decorate my house according to the seasons.  I have basement shelves that are designated to each season. I am also very prompt in putting up all my spring stuff and the truth be known it is the most complete.

I have been thinking about my home, my STUFF, and the seasons.  I have also been thinking of creativity.  I do believe it is part of every one's make up.   I had a cousin who could draw well.  So my attempts seemed pretty pitiful.  I decided to figure out home decor;  read all I could, and practiced on my bedroom while leaving art to the so called 'real' artists. I realize now that I have poured all my creativity into my home.  It also means that not meeting up to the family expectations doesn't mean I am not artistic.  Sheesh, you'd think it would have dawned on me sooner than during a 'senior moment'.  lol 

But I'm feeling the burden of all this stuff.  Time to edit.  Time to purge.  Time to move on. 

I'm now ready to try my hand at some other expressions of art, mixed media art, probably with an emphasis on fibre.  In a much bigger way.  Not just little craft projects.  ART!

So lets get this house in order  so I can get on with my  'other'  life.

So the bottom fabrics show where I was somewhat headed.  But the top pamphlet shows where my heart is.  A kids palette? 

Do I dare?  What will the Rooster say?  I'm not sure I care what the chicks have to say.  lol

I need to decide so I can do it and then  make more time for art.  So I'm going to simplify and I think the spring palette, the design ascetic and the simplicity that spring inspires will become more permanent.   Creamy butter yellow, some blue green and some cranberry with lots of white is the preferred choice but traditional or radical will be the question.

Red, Yellow, and Blue is a triad colour combination.  I want the golden yellow, the blue green and the more purple red.
This is a bit too soft but I do like it.

I really like this chalky effect and it gives a bit more options.

If the Rooster wakes up and begins to crow about the changes in colour,  I can deepen them .

I like lots of white and then some accents of black to keep it from becoming too sweet.

I hope that if I stick to this colourway and add different amounts in the various rooms I'll have a whole house that flows.

This image so resonates with me. Artistically!  I'm sure this colour palette will also figure in my artwork.

This is my new book, the artist unique -inspiration and techniques to discover your creative signature, by Carmen Torbus.  It has some good tutorials but they are for exploring what you'd  like as part of your own signature.  This philosophy would apply to my home as well as my art.  I'm quite excited to be discerning the artistic 'me' and not the peer pressure person I personify. 

I'm off to fling the spring stuff all over and I'll be seeing if it carries me through the summer, the fall and the winter as well.  And need I add, into a newly creative world of artistic endeavours?


Createology said...

This is wonderful Elle. You are already on your way to having your signature throughout your home and these colors will be so cheerful and inspirational. I already consider you an artist so don't let your inner critic be too harsh on you. Enjoy your decorating process my dear...

HollyM said...

I love color, so I love all your choices but I particularly like the colors and designs in the artwork. The addition of black and white definitely makes it.