Monday, March 12, 2012

Making plans

I jotted down notes as I went along last week.  Friday I fine tuned the rush from this morning's starting gate if we use Friday's checkered flag analogy.  LOL  If I'm not mixing metaphors, I am mixing the horse power!

I need to explore some of the functions on Nina for opening up and altering the patterned stitches.  A balance function refigures stitches and the stitch width and stitch length can all be changed to create different effects.  Imagine the variations are mind boggling but not every stitch will be a 'keeper'.

The toy box sat in front of the design wall that made way for the new look in the hall.  I set the toy box in the landing and I'm wondering if it could be a window seat?  ;^)  We'll see.  I did pull a few fabrics in case I need to actually make a cushion for it.

 I'm actually waiting to see how many times The Rooster will mash his toe on it.  So far he has only rearranged the jars but that was because he kicked the sander as I'd put it by the stairs to put away.  oops!

I'm thinking there is an AB class, lesson 4- wet glue, dry glue

I am also wanting to learn about my Photo Shop Elements program.  I think the biggest challenge is figuring out how to save, sort, and successfully find an image.  :(

And of course, the beading class which is a key chain.

Chicks and chooks,  start your horses???  Speaking of which, The Rooster is considering these, The Berg Grazer. Oh, my. They look like they have racing on their mind!

Oh, and yes, there is a little mouse who always seems to elude the grand kiddies!


HollyM said...

I wish I could have chickens although I know it would another chore. I sure like the idea of fresh eggs and they are so pretty.
You are very busy with all your endeavors. I still didn't get Photoshop elements. I 'm saving for a tablet and then we'll see.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love chickens. I wouldn't mind a few in the back yard but I don't think the neighbours would be happy.

Createology said...

I am positively dizzy just reading about all the things you accomplish in a day. Whew! You go girl...